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National Grandparents Day: September 10, 2009 - Imperfection Is Hereditary

Grandparents -- can't live with them; can't live without them, right?  I mean, if it weren't for Mama and Papa, my kids would be heading out to school, sneakerless.

My maternal grandmother played an important part in raising my twin brother and me, while my parents worked 2, sometimes even 3, jobs at a time.

Holly Mamama and Heather 1996  

My two oldest remember spending lots of time with Mamama - especially, towards the end of her life, when I helped take care of her, while my parents were at work.

Me, Mamama and Glen Thanksgiving 1999  

My two youngest enjoy looking through the tons of pictures we have of Mamama (sadly, lying in a box at the bottom of the hall closet...some day, I'll get them organized...Mamama!) as they try really hard to think they remember moments, like their 1st birthdays, Thanksgiving and such.

This full house gothic 2

All 4 kids realize that they are very lucky to have both sets of grandparents actively visible in their lives.

Today, they ARE a constant source of inspiration on how my husband, Garth [not his real name] and I choose to raise our kids...or, not.

Like, the latest article on Growing Pains, my monthly column over at the Imperfect Parent, I often write about how, in my opinion, there are NO clear set rules to parenting and, no matter how smart I believe myself to be, more often than not, my children end up raising their mother, too!

I seek solace in knowing the fact that, with all my faults and imperfections, perhaps I too will make a pretty good grandmother, one day.

Maria Bailey is hosting a Twitter party Thursday evening, September 10th from 8-9 EST, using the hash tag #grandparents.

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I got a chance to meet Maria when we ran the BlogHer 5K, together -- okay, I walked, she ran, way ahead of me, still, we talked for about 5 minutes, so, it's good -- oh, and there are some pretty awesome running tips from some of the BlogHer 5K runners at!

Not me, because I walked it, remember?

Aaaaanyway, more about the party -- folks are meeting up on Twitter to swap stories and share ideas on celebrating National Grandparent's Day and introducing folks to, a terrific community that offers activities and crafts to gift ideas and planning suggestions. 


I'll be sending them an email, or calling them on the phone (not during dinner, of course!) to say thanks and:

"It's because of you that I will make a pretty good grandparent, one day."

I think THAT, at least, should make them pretty happy, right?

Wake up grumpy

My husband, Garth [not his real name] not so much!

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