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Completely Honest


My friend and fellow Jersey girl Cartoon Goddess has challenged me to be completely honest and, well, contrary to everything I have ever been taught (most especially, by Billy Joel) honesty is NOT the hardest part.

Saying 10 honest things about me, that you guys, you know, don't already know?

After 6 years of blogging my deepest, darkest secrets (okay, so, except maybe mine is mostly about laundry and a bit more, I dunno, dark grayish) there really isn't much left to tell...or, is there?

So, here it goes, 10 things that I have never, EVER told anyone, except maybe my husband, Garth [not his real name] but, he's not talking to me, at the moment, so, you know...

  • I canNOT, for the life of me, remember a blessed thing, anymore; like, names of people I have just met a few minutes ago, hollering for the wrong kid (again) and thinking Tuesday is really Monday; however, when it comes to conversations, I have a photographic, or eidetic memory was I saying, again?
  • Although I have been blessed with many kind and gentle friends, I have always preferred the company of men.  Woman are sort of hard to be around, sometimes, you know?
  • I have wicked deja vu, all the time -- coupled with the fact that I have an eidetic memory -- so, maybe now you will better understand why I'm always walking around, looking confused, all the time, right?
  • I dream in color and, if I happen to wake up, while in the middle of one, I can go back to sleep and finish a dream.
  • Unfortunately, that last one, holds true for nightmares, too.
  • I can remember my kindergarten teacher's name (Mrs. Rivers) but, don't recall any of my high school teachers...oh, wait...Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Reilly, Mr. Costello...never mind.
Okay, more than halfway done, now and, buckle up, 'cawse I'm going for broke:
  • I have a terrible fear of being in a basement and/or attic, having been locked in both, as a child (no, not by my parents and, yes, accidentally on purpose) which, is pretty much the reason why we don't have a basement, or attic.
  • My step-grandfather is the reason why my children will never, ever experience abuse, by my hand, or any other, not while I'm alive, DAMMIT.
  • When he died, my anger burned with him.
  • Honestly, this is the first time I have ever said as much, out loud and DAYUM it feels SO GOOD!

Phew.  Honest, much?  Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 people and, well, here we go:

1.  Busy Mom was one of the first people I ever read (sounds weird, right?) today, I am thankful to call her friend!

2.  Jenn from Mommy Needs Coffee (see above) and for her ability to make me stop, think and go, "What?"

3.  Mrs. Flinger is a fraking genius, that is all.

4.  GraceD, for teaching me (and many more women) how to blog with integrity, way before it was cool, even.

5.  SocalMom, for making me wish that I lived on the west coast, sort of.

6.  Real Men Drive Minivans, 'cause he's a blogging dad, who I had the pleasure of recently meeting (IRL) and makes me feel all, like, YAH MAN!  Minivans ARE cool!

7.  Headless Mom, see number 5 above.

If you feel so inclined, run with it, my friends.  If not, no worries, you already know, I'm easy.  Well, maybe NOT so much P.J. -- I mean, we just met!

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