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Driving This Full House

Yeah, well, YOU shut up and drive!

I have ALWAYS thought the acronym SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to be an oxymoron.  Yes, I have kids.  Yes, I am home (right now) and yes, my kids are also in school (full-time) but, I will be leaving my house (in about 30 minutes) to bring kids back home and NOT all of them happen to be mine, either.

I am in charge of "the after school" portion of the carpool.

[waves to Carpooling Mom, she reads my blog]

You see, Carpooling Mom does "the morning run," and I, well, get an extra 25 minutes to kiss my husband (he wishes!) or, pour another cup of coffee (or, 20) before heading out into suburban hell (a.k.a. my youngest daughter's elementary school!)

Unless it's raining. 


Or, one of my two oldest daughters are running late.

"Who turned off the alarm, again?"

Mostly, my 16 year-old.

"Yes, I'll drive you to school."

This morning, it was raining, my 16 year-old was running late (AGAIN!) AND, since my husband's car died, last week (the funeral is this weekend) my SIL was gracious enough to lend Garth [not his real name] hers (thanks sis!) but, it died this morning (sorry sis!) and, well, I've created a new acronym, just for the occasion!

"Yes, I'll drive you to work."

S.A.H.M.M.A. (stay-at-home-mom-my-ass) if anyone needs me, I'll be on the road, driving and flipping someone off, no doubt!


Mostly, my be continued.

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