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Mom Sends the Msg: Never Drive Faster Than Your Mom (or Dad) Can Text

MomsMsg.comIf you were to ask me to list the scariest words in the English language, a few years ago, it would have looked something like this:
  • Strep throat
  • It's probably viral
  • Check E. Cheese
  • Parent-teacher conference
  • I couldn't find any clean underwear (don't ask)

Then, I picked up my oldest daughter (she turned 16, last week) and she laid 6 more on me, right in the middle of the high school parking lot:

"I started driver's ed, today!"

I knew this day would come.  Dreaded it more than anything (even hot flashes) actually.

[the sound of brakes, screeching to a halt] 

Then, she showed me the Parent Resource for Teen Driving Safety manual she received and I was all, like:

"You wanna drive home?"

Seriously, my legs and arms went all numb.  It seems like only yesterday, I blogged How to Survive a Day in Jersey on a goof, sort of.

"Of course I trust you!"

Seriously, if I had a dollar for each time I saw a mom (or dad) driving while talking on their cell phone (or, texting) well, I'd be driving a Ford Flex (for real) by now!

"It's those OTHER people driving that worry me!

For years, I teased my kids about how, "We have a very lovely mass transportation system going on here, in Jersey" and how they shouldn't really worry about getting a driver's license too soon, since, you know, they "Will NOT be driving until you are at least 30," but, that's just not very realistic, or practical, is it?

"But, So-and-So's dad lets her drive!"

Then again, he's a cop and, well, the man has probably seen (and heard) stuff that would make even the most laid-back parent puke up a lung, or two!

This map contains crashes from 2005 to 2007 in New Jersey involving at least one driver between the ages of 16 to 20 years old.

This map contains crashes from 2005 to 2007 in New Jersey involving at least one driver between the ages of 16 to 20 years old. Red dots indicate, crashes involving "driver Inattention" -- purple dots indicate, crashes involving "cell phone in use." 

Then, I went on, saw that we live (and drive) in the part of the state (along the coast) all broken out in a real bad case of both red AND purple dots and, well, I'm beginning to mourn the days (and hours) I'll never be able get back, freaking out on WebMD.

"You think dad will let me drive his new car?"

Yes, I mean, and NO!

My husband's car died, last month (the funeral was lovely, thank you) so, the poor guy bit the bullet (seriously, car shopping is THAT painful) we picked up a new-ish car, along with another car payment, last week (hence, my new part-time job) and, well, HE WON'T EVEN LET ME DRIVE THE GOSH-DARNED THING!

"What are you doing?"

So, I did what any other concerned mother/wife would do.

"Your daughter wants to drive your car and I can't believe our baby girl is taking driver's ed this marking period, already; can you?"

I pulled over and texted my husband.

"Mom, you really should learn how to send shorter texts!"

[pulling over]



"Maybe I'll just walk home."

Good.  I'm tooooo busy reading up on the all the new driving rules, here in New Jersey, still trying to figure out the difference between a learner's permit and provisional license, oh, and just what in parental hell does "restricted but unsupervised driving" mean, anyway?

"Please don't text and walk at the same time."

[the sound of brakes, screeching to a halt] 

"Seriously, I read a girl nearly died, that way, once."

[blank stare]


Want to win a laptop? 

TOO LATE! was giving one away (deadline was today at 12 noon EST) and I am 15 minutes late, AGAIN!

Still, I am very happy to partner with (I signed the pledge, weeks ago) because, it's never too late to remind folks (like me) to PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE AND KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE WHEEL!

I mean, that IS my baby girl driving out there and, well, since I had to cancel Holly's sweet sixteen birthday party, AGAIN (don't ask) I would love to at least give her a new laptop!

Heaven knows, judging by today's economy -- not to mention, paying for car insurance -- she won't be driving a car (new, used, or otherwise) until she's 30, right?

Not in Jersey, anyways!

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