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Classic This Full House: I don’t think early Native Americans even ate salty corn chips or spoke like Scooby Doo, did they!?!

In kindergarten, I used to call her Mini-me! I'm starting my new job, today (YIKES!) and, well, Garth [not his real name] took the day off and, since the kids had him last Thursday and Friday, too (love when he surprises us, like that) today, I get to keep him all to myself!!! Until, I have to go to work...wait, it's been 16 years...let me just say that again: I HAVE TO GO TO WORK (like, leave the house and get paid real money) I mean! So, I've been cleaning out my archives (since, it's easier than switching out the... Read more →

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Into the Woods

Over the river and thru the woods, Oh, how the wind does blow! It stings the toes and bites the nose, As over crispy ground we go. Sometimes, you just have to grab an extra blanket, maybe even a fishing pole, or two, hop into the car, drive to where the sun sets deep into quiet shades of autumn and leave the rest of the world behind. "Picnik Show" Create a free slideshow with Picnik! Yes, yesterday was one of those days. © 2009 This Full House - All Rights Reserved Read more →

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All I Want for Christmas

In case you're wondering whatever happened to Monday Mornings the Doofus-Dawg? He's lost in a pile of laundry. Aaaaanway, I was supposed to start my "real job" today (YAY!) but. they offered to give me an increase to 4 hours, 3 times per week and I took it (more milk money, double-YAY!) but, I don't start until next week (BOO!) and I've got somethin' else to show you. [grin] So, feel free to grab a cup of cawfee, or whatever, I'll wait! © 2009 This Full House - All Rights Reserved. Read more →

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