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Bloggers Unite for Haiti

Bloggers unite for haiti

In response to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti a week ago (today) BloggersUnite for Haiti is asking bloggers (like me) from around the world to share information about this disaster and how people around the world (like us) can provide aid to ongoing relief efforts.


Last Tuesday's earthquake has reduced large parts of the the country's capitol, Port Au Prince, to rubble and devastated their already poor infrastructure making the task of delivering aid extremely difficult.

Official estimates from the region say that approximately 3 million people have been affected by this disaster and that somewhere between 45,00 to 50,000 people are may have died as a result of the earthquake.

How can we help?

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

For example, websites and blogs can use this button to let others know how to support Doctors Without Borders work in Haiti and 60 other countries around the world.  Here's the code:

<a href=""><img  src="" alt="Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti" border="none" height="200" width="160" /></a>

Or, share this list of organizations helping with Haiti Relief:

Okay, why SHOULD we help, really?

Because, nice matters (no matter, how small the gesture) but, indifference to human tragedy (no matter, what part of the planet we live on) sucks wet poodle!

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