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Movers, Shakers and (sometimes inadvertent) Garbage Pickers

Tweeting Molly

I'm an impulsive mover.  I move things.  From here, to there, or maybe it will look better in THAT corner.

If I had a dollar, for every time my husband, Garth [not his real name] came home to find the house looking a little, you know, different?  Hmph.  Well, the poor guy could use a pair of industrial strength shin guards!

"YOUCH, when DID THIS get in here!?!?"

I'd be doing dishes (yes, dishwasher is STILL broken) and I'll be staring out the kitchen window, when, all of a sudden, it would hit me.

"Maybe the kitchen table would look better in the dining room?"

It's a sickness, I know.

"We'll be there, tomorrow, between 12 and 3."

There is ALWAYS Laundry!

So, I, once again, ignored the growing pile of clean laundry (don't try this at home, I AM A PROFESSIONAL!) and continued to deny the fact that the holidays have been over for, like the last two weeks (it's gonna be a Valentine's tree) and started, you know, moving stuff.

Desk looks like a television hutch!
From here, to there, etc... (desk looks like a television hutch, because, you know, it was) to make room for a new couch!

[heart's all a flutter]

I've been saving up for this baby (yes, with MY own money) and FINALLY bought one (yes, with REAL money) with the intention of cozey-ing-up our game-slash-laundry-slash-media-slash-mom's hideout-slash-playroom.

"I'll MAKE IT fit!"

Did I mention, the room is cozy, or that the doorway, to get in, is even, you know, a cozier fit?

Doorway to Cozy

"It ain't gonna fit through that door, lady."

Der.  I know.  That's why I spent the rest of the morning, cleaning up after the dawg (two whole hanging baskets full of Doofus-dung, thank goodness it was frozen, you're welcome!) so that the delivery dudes could bring Molly (we name our cars, too)  through the back door.


Now, I don't remember much of my high school Spanish (brain cells are at a premium, these days) how-evuh, I do speak several languages...of POOP!

Miss Molly

Long story, short (you're welcome) Miss Molly fit right in and it's as if I designed the room around her, right?

Cozy is as cozy does!

Riiiiight.  Color my decorating style as, "sheer dumb luck," whatever, sometimes, change is good -- I am THRILLED with the end result and, well, guess where I'm spending the rest of MY morning?

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Garbage picking Doofus Dawg! 

Aaaaaand, YES, I am totally ignoring the fact that I forgot to lock the cabinet and Doofus-Dawg got into the garbage, AGAIN!!!

[heavy sigh]

Some things NEVER change, stupid dawg!

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