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A Different Kind of Bird Watching in Jersey

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

I looked out the window and, yeah, more snow (blech!) but, I noticed something else; something I missed, while shutting off the lights and waiting for my husband to come to bed, at 4:30 this morning.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

Actually, this time, my son kicked me in the head, the dog rolled over my legs and, well, I couldn't really blame my husband for falling asleep on the couch, again.

"Oh, look, Mr. Cardinal has gone food shopping with Mrs. Cardinal."

My husband, Garth [not his real name] and I could totally relate.  In fact, shopping for groceries, or running to the corner for the paper and our weekly runs to Home Depot are the few times that we get to spend together, alone (sort of) except, maybe, the shower (you're welcome!) so, yeah, we do a lot of our shopping, together.

"I picked up some seed and filled up your bird feeder, last night."

We stood there, in silence and each smiled, as Mrs. Cardinal scratched and pecked, while Mr. Cardinal stood by and watched.

"Thank you for taking care of my birds."

He put his arm around my waist.

"You're welcome."

And, considering the precipice that formed between us, last week, I was more than happy to just stand there and, you know, let him.

"I wish you didn't have to go to work, today."


"Me, either!"

What...oh...yeah...I bet most folks think that bird Jersey...only happens whenever someone flips you one, right?

"Stupid bank!"

As it should be.

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The Blog Post My Husband Will Most Likely Hate - If He Read My Blog, I Mean.

Let the Sunshine In, PLEASE!

One day, last week (I forget which, exactly) I opened the front door to let the sunshine in and I kept it open, all day. 

The birds were chattering (loudly) and the temperature, outside, hovered around 40 degrees. 

As the dog watched the dust bunnies frolic, in and out, from underneath the couch, I allowed the calmness of the moment to wash over me and wring my heart free of all the troubles that have claimed squatter's rights for the last few months.

It was glorious.

Then, the clock on the wall began mocking me (BEYOTCH!) a squirrel ran in front of the door (RODENT!) and the dog nearly made my husband's wishes come true, by giving me a heart attack, when he ran, head first, into the glass storm door.

Stupid dog!

Garth [not his real name] has been making light of the fact that perhaps it is time that he looked for a new wife.

"Since, mine seems to be breaking down."

Oh, he didn't mean it, not really, and it's not like he was trying to be mean, or lying, for that matter, it's just that, well, I am...feeling quite broken, at the moment.

"You hate me, don't you?"

Of course, I don't hate my husband -- although, I would be tempted to click the "unlike" button, upon occasion, if life was really like Facebook -- on the contrary, I often times admit (yes, out loud) that I could NEVER do, you know, what I do, without having Garth [not his real name] on my side.

Until now.

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Killing Two Birds With One Peartini


My husband, Garth [not his real name] and I don't get a chance to hang out together, a lot, anymore.  Oh, we're fine.  Thanks.  It's just that, he works during the day and I don't get home until well after the dishwasher has been loaded from suppertime (no, not on purpose) unless, it's Friday.

"You're off tomorrow, right?"

Yes...I mean...but, not this

"But, you worked last Friday, didn't you?"

Aaaand, the Friday before that...too...even the kids couldn't help but notice Daddy was feeling a little, well, I swear, the poor guy was ready to break out into song, any moment.


[reaches for tissue box]

"I don't wanna be."


This Saturday, however, we were BOTH home (WHOOT!) so, we spent the early afternoon food shopping (I know, don't be jealous) and life was good.


"Ready, Mommy?"

[eyes go wide]

"NOW where is SHE going?"

Oh, did I NOT mention, I gave the 16 yo permission to sleep over a friend's house, so she could get up early and go to church with her family since, you know, we seem to be in between religions, at the moment.

"But, isn't the other one babysitting, tonight?"

Yes, I also gave the 14 yo (i.e. the other one) permission to go to the mall with a friend and her mom (supposedly, Hot Topic had a sale, buy one Alice in Wonderland t-shirt, get two human sacrifices, free, or something) before, you know, the kid goes off and earns some more of her OWN spending money...DAMMIT!

"But, I wanted to go out WITH YOU...tonight!"

That's the thing about having live-in babysitters (I know, don't be jealous) you sort of forget that kids need to go out and have a little fun, too. 

"We just spent the whole morning, together!"

If you consider jet-setting across town to take advantage of can-can sales, fun (like we do) I mean.

[reaches for tissue box]

"Okay, I would LOVE to go out with you!"

Because, I can't stand to see a grown man cry.

"Call mom and dad."

So, I fired up the crock pot (i.e. grandmas and grandpas gotta eat, too) then, picked up the 14 yo, bought her home so she could go to the bathroom (yes, she gets that from me) then, dropped her off at her babysitting gig ('cawse, you know, she can't drive, yet) put on my sexiest black boots (sorry, grandma and grandpa) directed my husband to this really cool new Asian bistro I heard about (YUM!) and spent the next hour seductively sipping a peartini (DITTO!) through heavily-glossed lips and gave Garth [not his real name] my FULL attention.

[licking lips]

Aaaaand, life was good...until dessert.

[eyes go wide]

"Something wrong?"

Oh, we're fine...really.


Just killing two birds with one stone (i.e. guess that peartini was A LOT stronger, than I thought) you know?

"Thought you'd like to share some cake and coffee, with us!"

Besides, we haven't seen my in-laws in, well, forever, too.  Aaaaand, life was pretty gosh-darned good...until.

"Soooo, how's the gym working out for you, Mrs. Manager?"

Peartini, anyone?

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Viewing the World Through Frozen Side Mirrors


Most days, I wake up and, if my feet hit the floor and my head is still attached, then, it really doesn't take much to convince myself that, YES, half the battle is actually getting out of bed and HOORAH! but, it's gonna be a good day...DAMMIT!

Until, it's time to leave the house.

"Why IS it so hard to make a left turn!?!?"

Then, I remembered.

"Oh yeah, 'cawse I live in Jersey!"

Is it just me, along with perhaps the rest of the Eastern seaboard, STILL digging out of one of the snowiest winter's in, well, recorded history (yeah, I'm looking at you, Washington, D.C.) or, has Snowmageddon (or, as I've come to call it, Snowpocalypse) frozen everyone's nice buttons, shut? 

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She IS the Ty Pennington of Blog Design

Soooooo, what do ya' think?  Cynthia at NW Blog Design put together an awesome new look for Scribbit (seriously, go take a peek, I'm pretty sure Michelle won't mind) and, well, in my opinion, her redesign fits the feel of her blog, very well!

"Love what you did at Scribbit's place!"

So, I thought, maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, Cyn could help even a dork (like me) get a virtual remodel -- but, how DOES one best define This Full House?

Um, shuddup, I know, that was a rhetorical question, really.

After 16 years of perpetual renovation, (see virtual tour) IRL, I'm STILL staring at drywall, but we've ALL grown used to it and my house has this laid-back, sort of shabby ecclectic feel.

Even IF my house is a mess (IRL) I believe that Cyn hit the nail right on the head and, well, I really, really, like what she's done with the place!

"Honey, I blew up my navigation bar!"

Yeah, I was messing around a little and the nav bar does NOT work, at the moment (I know, act surprised, anyway) but, Cyn said she would help me fix it (she's a saint, really) right after she redoes my other blog, to match!

Since, you know, Ty Pennington won't even return my calls and NO, can't say as I blame him, either.

Stupid drywall!

[Edited to add:  I fixed the nav, well, if only I could say the same for the rest of the house -- stupid under-cabinet lighting!]

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On A Long Winter's Night

Candlelit and Blizzardid

And the snow began to fall...aaaaand, was closed...the next day, too.  Then, ALL the lights went out.


Aaaaand, DAYUM, it was dark.

"Don't NOBODY move!"

The sort of inky gloom that makes a person lose all sense of good grammar, too.

"Do we have any candles?"

Is the Pope, well, whatever.

[click, click, click, click]

"I'm cold...I have to go to the bathroom...I'm scared...I'm hungry!"

It's hard, you know?  Living in the suburbs.

"Whatever you do, do NOT open that fridge!"

Minutes.  Hours.  Days.  Weeks.  Time stops, in the dark.

"Okay, who blew out the candles?"

Like moths to a flame, they just can't help themselves.

"Are we gonna freeze...can we flush the toilet...are we gonna we have enough food?

[click, click, click, click]

"Everyone, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax."


"Okay, who blew out the candles?"

Honestly, I don't know how the pioneers did it.

"Um...wait...wait...I got one!"

It's hard, you know?  Playing the dark, inky, gloom.

"No, it's MY turn!"

Minutes.  Hours.  Days.  Weeks.  Can cabin fever kill?

[flash, blink, blink, zap]


Aaaand, DAYUM, just in time, too.

"QUICK, turn the lights out AGAIN!"



Of course, pioneer parents probably would have agreed that playing head games on your kids is really quite fun.

"Don't NOBODY move!"

Or, perhaps if they had really good timing AND quick access to the circuit breakers, they probably would...I mean.


"Okay, who blew one?"

Stupid snowpocalypse!

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