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A Different Kind of Bird Watching in Jersey

I looked out the window and, yeah, more snow (blech!) but, I noticed something else; something I missed, while shutting off the lights and waiting for my husband to come to bed, at 4:30 this morning. "I'm sorry, did I wake you?" Actually, this time, my son kicked me in the head, the dog rolled over my legs and, well, I couldn't really blame my husband for falling asleep on the couch, again. "Oh, look, Mr. Cardinal has gone food shopping with Mrs. Cardinal." My husband, Garth [not his real name] and I could totally relate. In fact, shopping for... Read more →

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The Blog Post My Husband Will Most Likely Hate - If He Read My Blog, I Mean.

One day, last week (I forget which, exactly) I opened the front door to let the sunshine in and I kept it open, all day. The birds were chattering (loudly) and the temperature, outside, hovered around 40 degrees. As the dog watched the dust bunnies frolic, in and out, from underneath the couch, I allowed the calmness of the moment to wash over me and wring my heart free of all the troubles that have claimed squatter's rights for the last few months. It was glorious. Then, the clock on the wall began mocking me (BEYOTCH!) a squirrel ran in... Read more →

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Killing Two Birds With One Peartini

My husband, Garth [not his real name] and I don't get a chance to hang out together, a lot, anymore. Oh, we're fine. Thanks. It's just that, he works during the day and I don't get home until well after the dishwasher has been loaded from suppertime (no, not on purpose) unless, it's Friday. "You're off tomorrow, right?" Yes...I mean...but, not this "But, you worked last Friday, didn't you?" Aaaand, the Friday before that...too...even the kids couldn't help but notice Daddy was feeling a little, well, I swear, the poor guy was ready to break out into song, any... Read more →

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Viewing the World Through Frozen Side Mirrors

Most days, I wake up and, if my feet hit the floor and my head is still attached, then, it really doesn't take much to convince myself that, YES, half the battle is actually getting out of bed and HOORAH! but, it's gonna be a good day...DAMMIT! Until, it's time to leave the house. "Why IS it so hard to make a left turn!?!?" Then, I remembered. "Oh yeah, 'cawse I live in Jersey!" Is it just me, along with perhaps the rest of the Eastern seaboard, STILL digging out of one of the snowiest winter's in, well, recorded history... Read more →

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She IS the Ty Pennington of Blog Design

Soooooo, what do ya' think? Cynthia at NW Blog Design put together an awesome new look for Scribbit (seriously, go take a peek, I'm pretty sure Michelle won't mind) and, well, in my opinion, her redesign fits the feel of her blog, very well! "Love what you did at Scribbit's place!" So, I thought, maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, Cyn could help even a dork (like me) get a virtual remodel -- but, how DOES one best define This Full House? Um, shuddup, I know, that was a rhetorical question, really. After 16 years of perpetual renovation, (see virtual tour) IRL, I'm... Read more →

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On A Long Winter's Night

And the snow began to fall...aaaaand, was closed...the next day, too. Then, ALL the lights went out. "GAAAAAAH!" Aaaaand, DAYUM, it was dark. "Don't NOBODY move!" The sort of inky gloom that makes a person lose all sense of good grammar, too. "Do we have any candles?" Is the Pope, well, whatever. [click, click, click, click] "I'm cold...I have to go to the bathroom...I'm scared...I'm hungry!" It's hard, you know? Living in the suburbs. "Whatever you do, do NOT open that fridge!" Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Time stops, in the dark. "Okay, who blew out the candles?" Like moths... Read more →

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