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Writing Challenge #8: Plot - Let Sleeping Kids AND Their Perceptual Parents, Lie

Write of passage

This is part of a writing challenge at {W}rite-Of-Passage, a community of bloggers who are looking to get back to the writing part of blogging and brainchild of my friend, Mrs. Flinger.  Today’s challenge was to write a post with a clear plot - the point in which you are trying to make (I know, good luck with that one, right?)



It's Napalooza at Mama's house (stupid camera!)

Yesterday, my husband Garth [not his real name] and I made plans to take the kids to visit with my parents, who are both dealing with difficult health issues at the moment, for a turkey dinner.

What?  I clean.  My mother cooks when she's frustrated and, well, seeing as the kids haven't had a decent meal since I started working, who am I to argue, right?

"I'll bring the green bean casserole!"

Seeing as, I am NOT a total shitehead, either, I also offered to cook the turkey, too!

"No...nuh-uh...that's okay."

Apparently, the kids have been talking with my mother...about me...too.

"So, how are you guys..."

Aaaand, the flood gates opened.

"Your father probably needs a pacemaker and those 3 knee replacements I had, didn't work!"

Apparently, my parents had 2 emergency medical visits, last week and, NO, they didn't call me.

"We didn't want to worry you!"

So, of course, by Sunday morning, I was VERY worried!

"I don't care if you ARE still naked!"

Aaaand, annoyed -- because, when taking showers, some kids have to be reminded to, you know, actually GET IN THE SHOWER!


Long story, short (you're welcome!) as much as the kids ADORE my parents (me, too) and love visiting with them (sort of) it is never an easy trip.

"Move your seat up...I'm squished...move over...I...can't...breathe!!!"

In fact, just getting in the car is enough to drive a sane person to, you know, walk the 44 miles.


When it comes to head-spinning, Linda Blair has got nothin' on me!

"Next person who speaks, gets grounded for a week!"

Long story, short [don't mention it] you coulda cut the tension with a spoon and, well, at this point, my husband and I weren't speaking, to each other, either.

"What's wrong?"

I don't know what it is.

"C'mon, tell me."

Ever since I was little, I could NEVER lie to my mother.

"Nothing, really!"

Until, at least, around dessert time.

"I don't...[sniff]...know...[snort]...what to do!"

What?  Some people go to therapy.  Hungarians cry.  Right into our desserts.

"I know, me either!"

So, we allowed the flood gates to open, once more -- we sat, we talked, we cried, we hugged, got over the fact that, you know, sometimes life just has to happen and there was peace in the dining room, once more!


Napalooza 2 

Napalooza 2

It was time to wake the kids.

"I don't WANNA go home!"

Really, can you blame them?

"There's always President's weekend!"

Aaand, I bet that YOU don't even have to guess real hard how my mother knew that the kids would be off...and willing to sleep over...that weekend...TOO.

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