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Troll1 Whenever my good blogging friend, Dawn (a.k.a. brilliantly funny author of Because I Said So) would complain about being under attack by comment trolls, I imagined a bunch of snotty little evil basterds, camping out on her blog (pictured above) seriously, what IS it with mean-spirited people, anyways?

I mean, the woman has 6 kids, I really don't think she needs any help in dealing with suckage.

I guess I empathize with Dawn's self-deprecating humor, seeing as I've been making fun of myself, openly on the internet, for years now (see virtual tour) and, well, there ARE worse things than making OTHER mothers look good, right?

Then, I opened up my email and found this:

Who are you? And why do you think I care? p.s. you're a should have cleaned up your "full house" or not taped at all! lol are so in your own reverie...wake up.

Then, this one:

You think your cute,but....You are simply adding to the decline in American's decent standards by having no shame showing your awful home. "Housework is only noticed when it hasn't been done." You need to set a good example for your children and show some personal pride. F.A.I.L

I've been blogging for [checks calendar] almost 7 years, now and, I know, I know, it's the Internet (as one of my OTHER good blogging friends keeps reminding me) so, I feel lucky enough to be able to count the number of nasty comments I've received...on 1 hand.

Still.  That last one.  It stings, you know? 

"Don't let 2 asshats ruin your day!"

Of course, my husband, Garth [not his real name] was right and more friends told me to, you know, fuhghettaboutit and then I realized that both comments were from the same IP address and well, you know, I felt a little better.

So, I did what any self-respecting blogger (I know) would do.

[hands on hips]

Reopen and republish comments, call 'em out for the mean-spirited people they are and create a special bloggy-type award just for the occasion -- aaaaand, the winner is:

Comment Troll Award 250
The 2 asshats who had nothing better to do, than ruin my Sunday -- you're welcome!!!

[Note:  Yes, I happen to think I'm very cute and it's not your, but YOU'RE...ASSHAT!!!]

Freshly-brewed on my shopping blog (yeah, I'm one of those bloggers....too!):  Garth's [not his real name] Cape Cod Stone-ground Cornbread Skillet

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