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Cross-posted to our 365 Days microblog project -- by just me and my little red point-and-shoot!

When I first started blogging, 7 years ago, way back before SEO's and keywords ruled the world wide web, I was chasing after 4 kids, all under the age of 10 and This Full House was ALL about "teh funny!"

"Can I post this picture?"

Although, the subject matter hasn't changed, all that much, really (seriously, these kids say the funniest things) I find myself hitting the "delete" and "backspace" buttons, more often than not, to the point where my "backspace" button is NOW broken and looks more like a nub.


Some days, I am in sync with my muse and the words flow fluid.

"How about this one?"

Other days?

"Pssssht, NO WAY!"

The silence is deafening.

"Heather and I are going for a walk."

Most days, now that my oldest are teens, it gets downright lonely.

"Um, can we take your camera?"


"Here, you can use this one!"

The fog has lifted.

"We made sure to keep our mouths shut!"

And the words, they come a little easier.

[takes a closer look]

"Yeah, no one will EVER know that you got braces."

Now, if I could only get that darned muse to clean up after herself, I'd be in mom-type-blogger heaven, right about now, right?

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