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NWF Be Out There Challenge: Day 2 - Send the Ark!

NWF Be Out There Challenge: Day 1 - RainFAIL

As a longtime National Wildlife Federation supporter (yes, we have Jersey!) I am very excited to be a part of their Be Out There Campaign and modestly tweeted, the same:

I'm taking the NWF #BeOutThere Challenge w/o March 29! ( 'cawse, we've got wildlife IN JOISEY, too ya' know! #NWFMoms

So, here it is, DAY 1 of our spring break/challenge AND you want to know how it's working out, so far?  

[blows bangs outta eyes]

Well, feeling inspired by the immortal words of John Lennon:

Be Out There Challenge - unleashed

So, this spring break.  And what have you done?  Another day almost over and the rain STILL isn't quite done.

Be Out There Challenge - raindropped

And so this spring break.  I hope you have fun.  'Cawse, here at our house, we're watching old game show reruns.

Be Out There Challenge - barbecued

So, happy spring break.  It's okay, we're STILL not quite done.

Be Out There Challenge - sprung

Cross-posted to our 365 Days mircoblog project -- where I'm taking a self-imposed timeout, every day, to post wordless (you're welcome!)

With 6 days left, maybe...just maybe...we'll actually get outside AND see the gosh-darned sun!

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