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I Was Vlogging, Before Vlogging Was Cool

I hollered at my youngest (she's 8, going on 16) like I never hollered at her, before, this morning. I mean, HOLLERED, like a tortured animal, causing the poor girl's eyes to go wide and, well, she ran out of the room, obviously NOT wanting to watch her mommy's head explode, for real!!! What did she do that was so awful? [bites lower lip] Honestly, I don't remember. Was it reason enough to go WILD on the girl? Probably not. Whatever it was, suffice it say, I had reached my breaking point with the child and, well, though I never... Read more →

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When the Wet Gets Tough, the Tough Get Wet!

Photo cross-posted to our 365 Day Project So, how was your weekend? Uh-huh. Ours? Well, Jersey got hit with a BEYOTCH of a storm, I mean this thing had monster winds of 40, 60, sometimes 70 miles per hour (so, I heard) it uprooted trees, knocked out power and left some of our neighbors without electricity AND gas. Us? [knocking on wood until knuckles bleed] Just a few extra leaks, here and there. "Uh-oooooh, found ANOTHER one!" So, as my youngest children raced each other. "Nooooo, I found that one, already!" Playing an indoor-version of ISpy. "Nuh-uh!" To see which... Read more →

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Like Cobwebs in the Corner, These Are the Days of Our Lies

Photo cross-posted to our 365 Day Project My youngest (she's 8) and her girl scout troop had their International Dinner, last night -- they were representing Italy, this year -- and, well, I hear she looked real cute. "Daddy helped me find a white t-shirt, Heather painted my nails red and Holly gave me a basket of biscotti!" I, however, did nothing other than forget to send her leaders a baseball hat. "That's okay, Mommy, they had extras." For forgetful moms (like me) I'm sure. "What country is Hope doing?" Since, it ended rather late (for us "seasoned moms," that... Read more →

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If You're Happy and You Know It, Spit It Out!

Both my two oldest girls are getting braces put on their teeth, this week (OUCH!) so, I took them to their first (of many) orthodontic appointment, last Friday, much to their absolute GLEE! "WHOOT!" Having their impressions taken and then spacers, the size of popcorn balls put in between their teeth (double-OUCH!) (not really, but just as painful, they said) not so much. "Open wide!" [giggle] "Shuddup, Holly!" [click] "Let's try that wide." [snort] "Shuddup, Mom!" [click] "GAH!" The dental hygienist, however, was in no mood (judging by the permanent frown line, that ran from her forehead, right down... Read more →

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TLC Book Tour: Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me - Preventing (or Reversing) Entitlement in Your Child’s Attitude

Look, I know saying no can be real hard (trust me!) and anyone who's had to explain to a 2 year-old that, no, "real live" ponies do not sleep in big girl beds, would probably agree.[cringe] Then, my kids started getting older and, well, I seemed to have forgotten what it was like...making them happy, I mean. "But, So-and-So goes to Disney every summer!" From something as simple as buying clothes and video games, to being invited to elaborate birthday parties and watching our neighbors take out small loans, just so that their kids can have that dream mean,... Read more →

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I'm a Little Bit Sassy, He's a Whole Lot of Doofus

Helloooooooow, my name is Sassy. Doofus-Dawg isn't here, right now. Why? Uh. Good question. [looks left, looks right] Beeeeeeeecawse. Um. I ate him, yeah. [snarl] As if, right? Actually, his mommy put him in a time out. I mean, I told him NOT to eat the garbage this morning. But, you know, he's a DOOFUS and, well, I'm not. DER! Aaaaaaaaayway, Doofus-Dawg's mommy is letting me sleepover, for a little while (i.e. what, in human terms is, like, I dunno, 2 weeks, or something, I think) while my mommy and daddy are on vacation, without me (DAMMIT!) and, you know,... Read more →

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