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Day 115 - Happy Birthday Garth [not his real name]

My husband, Garth [not his real name] absolutely loved this edible arrangement he got from my brother and sister-in-law, for his birthday, last weekend.

What did I give him?

A reason to remember the beginning of his 47th year, here on earth, as perhaps one the worst mornings of his life -- oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday!

Yep, am I a ray of sunshine...or, what? 

Don't answer that!  Honestly, I feel terrible about fighting...on...his...birthday...but, he followed me into the bathroom and, this time, it wasn't to see if I was using his razor (AGAIN!) in an attempt to save a layer of skin, or two.

Mine and his.

Long story, short (you're welcome) everything that NEEDED to be said, was and, well, turns out we both felt we were working too hard to try and please each other and, guess what?

[one beat, two beats]

All work and no play make for real unhappy parents and Garth [not his real name] was JUST as tired, burnt out and frustrated, as I was, go figure.

"Let's not talk about it, anymore."

Seriously, I really do know when to shut up...sometimes...and, well, it could have gotten worse.

"Are you and daddy getting a divorce?"

Aaaaand, it did...real fast...DANGIT...because, my 14 year-old was supposedly getting something from her bathroom and, well, it's certainly not her fault the walls in this house are really, really thin, and she accidently overheard OUR ENTIRE CONVERSATON, right?

"That's none of your business!"

[cue sunshine]

Seriously, I really do know how to light up a room and, if I had to be real honest with myself (because, you know, I lie like a cheap rug) our lack of privacy is no one else's fault, but ours, I guess.

Still, the bathroom is MY fortress of solitude, DANGIT!

"We argue sometimes, that's all."

We wiped our eyes, he vacuumed the rugs...what?  Our parents were coming over and, well, he IS secretly having an affair with our Dyson (I think) and, well, can you blame him?  I don't.  Deep down inside, I know that it will get better.  It HAS to.

"Send me something sexy, from the waist down."

Aaaaand, it did...real fast...THANKYOUVERYMUCH...because, my husband is really a funny guy...especially, when he text messages me...in the middle of doing laundry.

I'm a sexy doofus!Happy Belated Birthday, you sexy beast!!!

So, I sent him a little somethin-somethin and, well, we really do make a great pair; don'cha think?

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