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Driveway Divas

Day 81 - Driving Practice

Mom's Driving School:  Holly, Day 1 - sitting in our driveway! 

We live on a very busy street, so we get A LOT of traffic in the front of our house.

Like, in, HOLY HANNAH MONTANA, I can't even get out of my own driveway...GAH!...oh, forget this, they'll just have to learn to like eating dry cereal, kind of busy.

"Will SOMEONE let me in, already?"

Drives me positively mental and NOT in a good way, either.

"Oh, hey, nice to see ya; how've ya' been?"

On the weekends, however, I take back what's mine and, especially, if the weather's nice (like, this passed weekend) well, then there's most likely a tailgating party at my house!

30 minutes later.

"Yeah, I know, right, anyway, what time should I pick So-and-So up?"

I love it when my kids' friends want to come and hang out at our house, seriously, I really do!

"Oh, don't rush, we're here all day!"

Especially, when the stars are aligned and my husband Garth [not his real name] and I happen to be home, at the same time.

"We've got tons of chores to catch up on, too."


Then, the next car pulls up.

"Oh, hey, nice to see ya!"

30 minutes later.

"Oh, take your time, we're here all day!"

Aaaaand, before you know it, there are 4 MORE kids running around the house and they are ALL hungry!

"Mom, there's someone in the driveway!"

Funny thing, living in the suburbs, I mean, one minute I'm cursing everyone (and their mother) and then, 120 hours later, we're sucking on our coffees (or, cawfees, if you're from Jersey) and shooting the breeze...in my driveway.

"Why don't you just invite them in?"

You know, I never even thought to ask.

"But, it's soooooo nice outside!"

Besides, I sorta like the idea of my being a "Driveway Diva," as my 14-year-old kindly pointed out to my sister-in-law, who happened to be over (whoops, and yep, I sorta forgot) and seems to also prefer visiting with us...indoors.

"Um, I'll just catch up with you later, okay?"

30 minutes later.

"Why is your sister's car still here?"

It was just easier to let her take my husband's car.

"There's too many cars in the driveway!"

Is it any wonder my 16 year-old hasn't started driving, for real, yet?

"She'll be back to pick it up on Monday."


"As long as she get's here before the early train, or after the school starts!"

Don't believe me?  Stop by, anytime, during the week, around the hours of 6 and 11 a.m., or 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. and, well, if you're trying to make a left turn, just fuhgehtaboutit!

I'll just come to your house, okay?

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