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Everybody Was Fast Food Fighting...HAH!

I came home from dropping the kids off at school, this morning (a.k.a. the land of the carpool lanes from and found this propped up against one of the kitchen chairs.

TFH Chore List

My poor husband, Garth [not his real name] obviously, he's sick (and tired) of coming home and, well, let's just say, the kids have developed a bad case of daddy deafness and, sadly, showing signs of dain bramage, too.

"Pick up your clothes...what clothes...the clothes that are lying in front of your bed...what bed..."

[cue head explosion]

It's amazing, really, how quickly, a person's head can explode, I mean.

The ironic thing about all this is NOW I am the one...sitting in the driveway...just waiting, for whenever I think it's safe to come into the house, or until daddy's head explodes.

"'s for dinner?"

[three, two, one]

"HOT DOGS, OKAY?!?!?!?"


"Mmmmmm, sounds good!"

Relax.  They were 100% beef.  Still.  I thought it would be fun to write a little song about fast food (i.e. better than doing the laundry) because, you know SOMEONE is bound fight me on this one:

Everybody was fast food fighting...HAH!

Dinner's been a little bit frightening...HUH!
But we're not talking fine dining

Some wanted vegetable lo mein and their fried rice plain...HAH!
No, no pizza with extra cheese and a side order of garlic knots, please
Just not hot dogs my friend, swore they would never eat them again...HUH!
Since some kid let it slip, they're made from a**holes and lips

Everybody was fast food fighting...HAH!

Lately, dinner's been a little bit frightening...HUH!
But, who are ALL these kids and why are they smiling

There was funky Tommy Who and little Susie What-sit...HAH!
They said time for a big fight, ask her if I can stay the night
We took a vow and made a stand, no more last minute plans...HUH!
The sudden emotion made us trip now I'm feeding someone else's kid

Everybody was fast food fighting...HAH!
You got to be fast as lighting
Yes, fast food can be a little bit frightening...HUH!
But, mom (and dad) are SO done fighting

(repeat) (and dad) are SO done fighting!

Morale of the Story:  Relax, pick your battles and as long as it's 100% beef, you're good to go, or something like that!

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