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Just Don't Call Me a Tech Blogger!

I break things (a lot) so, calling me a tech blogger would be bad (even my kids would back me up on this point) and I am certainly not the most connected or coolest mom and she's pretty much cornered the market on savvy (don't worry, they really do know their stuff) but, does it really matter what I blog about?


If I've learned anything, in my 7 years of blogging (besides, the fact it's not a good idea to change from a hosted blog site, to another, before backing up your archives, der!) the most important take away (ready?) is that the words I write (or, choose to publish) really don't matter, unless I've touched someone, in a positive, or negative way.

Hopefully, in a positive way, because, well, I don't know of anyone who blogs to feel bad about stuff, on purpose, nor would I want to.

Still.  Should it make a difference, how I choose to approach (i.e. respond to) this whole mommyblogging business?

Pardon my Jersey, but abso-friggin-lutely!

In fact, last week, I was asked to speak on a panel of (along with the aforementioned cool, connected and savvy) moms who blog (because, not everyone necessarily wishes to be defined by the term mommyblogger) about working closely with brands (there, I said it!) and not just because I'm an expert, or anything (because, I'm not, der!) but, I feel, to provide a slightly different (i.e., seasoned) point of view, when addressing online mom-specific communities, as a whole.

"I blog because it makes me feel good."

Actually, the point I was trying to make (because, some of us write better than we speak, ahem) is really simple: I enjoy making other mothers feel good (seriously, if we don't lift each other up, who will?)

My mission is equally as simple: to help dismiss the idea that anything beginning with the word "mother," or ending in "hood" should be portrayed as nothing, if not perfect (especially, in the media) oh, and pardon me if my blog makes me feel a little better about myself, too.

[steps off soapbox]

I'm not the same person I was 7 years ago and I'm not saying blogging should be, either (times change, you know?) and I certainly don't want to sound like a purist, or preachy (do people really read blogs, anymore?) however, I have to agree with Busy Mom in thinking that perhaps we should all look a little inward, before responding to all the negativity surrounding moms online -- or, simply reaffirm the fact that there is a community out there, for everyone, regardless of what type of blog you keep.

With that said, here's a headline you probably won't read anytime soon:

Moms aren't necessarily all about the blog bashing and the comment thrashing, or into the drama of virtual hair-pulling contests, either!

I mean, don't we see enough of that at PTA meetings, right?

[ducks to avoid flying fundraisers]


I will gladly reaffirm that:

  1. I am a dork (but, I'm not stupid)
  2. I will continue to share my stories (sorry, Mom)
  3. Also, share cool stuff I find online and try not to break things (too much)
  4. While, hopefully, continue to give back to my community, in a positive way (without being taken advantage of, by media folks who still just don't get it, der!)
  5. Because, well, it's how I roll.

Unless, you think moms are stupid, or blogging about nice stuff is dumb, then it ALL doesn't really matter, anyway, right?

Well, then, there's always Engadget!

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