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NWF Be Out There Challenge: Reflections, Senior Living and Shuffleboard

NWF Be Out There Challenge: Day 4 - Here Comes the Sun (dah-duh-dah-dah)

Sun Peeks Through

DAY 1 of our spring break/challenge was a total RainFAIL!  Then, Day 2 and it was time to send out for an Ark

[wipes feet]

Moving on.

I'm scheduled to work at the gym, this afternoon (stupid braces, dumb college fund) but, I left the camera home, with my kids and, well, it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Doofus Ready for Walkies

Yesterday, I decided to allow my 2 oldest girls to sleep in (as if, I could wake them, or I had any other choice) and took Doofus-Dawg for a walk.

Glen and Hope Ready for Walkies

Having spent the last 3 days home, alone, with 2 very cranky teenagers (trust me on this one) my 2 youngest were more than happy to tag along!

A Puddle Runs Through It

"Let's go and visit the waterfall!"

When they were little-er (yes, it's a word!) we would take pre-nap walks into the next neighborhood and visit "the waterfall."

Waterfall Used to Look Bigger

"It used to look a whole lot bigger."

Still, there's something really cool about the water...even if it's simply rushing over an embankment...no matter how old you are, I think.


Not to mention, the moss-lined creek running through our little corner of the suburbs, in Jersey; who'da thunk, right?

Hope and Onion Grass

Aaaand, there was lots and lots of onion grass!

Onion Soup

Good thing, because the fairies, who live under "the waterfall," just LOVE onion soup; or, so I'm told.

Glen Still Believes in Fairies

Even though he would NEVER admit it (out loud) Glen still believes in flower fairies -- yes, he does -- especially, when exploring the woods behind our house, or hunting for fire flies in the summertime and most especially whenever his little sister is around.

Glen Lending a Helping Hand

We spent the rest of the morning, enjoying the playground at Glen's school and, yeah, it was a little muddy.

Hope and Playground Tunnel

Still, it's sorta nice to have the pre-commuters' tunnel...all...to...ourselves...and, when you're 8 and 11, being able to jump, run and even shout at each other, without being hollered at, well, life was good.

Fairy Soup

Until, someone gets a little too close to the fairy soup.

Hope Found a Puddle

Accidentally falls into said soup (yes, she's my daughter alright!)

Hope's Wet Butt Face

Aaaaand...well, then even this Mom knows that it's pretty much time to go home. 

Jersey Girl with Attitude

"Wait, take another picture!"

No, it may not have been a day in Disney World (seriously, we are perhaps the only family, in Jersey, who has NOT had breakfast with a princess, yet) but, it's nice to know that even a simple walk through our neighborhood, during a rather rainy spring break, can become, you know, totally blog-worthy.

Now take your kids and GET OUT (heh) also, you can visit the NWF site for ideas on what you can do to get these kids outside...besides, promising them a trip to Disney...I mean!

[FWIW:  I'm a Founding Mother of NWF's Be Out There program - just helping families (like mine) get their kids outside and enjoy nature, more - no payment was received for this blog post.]

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