NWF Be Out There Challenge: Day 4 - Here Comes the Sun (dah-duh-dah-dah)
The Magic Garden
Beware - chuckling daisy patch ahead!

NWF Be Out There Challenge: Reflections, Senior Living and Shuffleboard

Me and My Mom Me and My Mom on Good Friday 2010

DAY 1 of our spring break/challenge was a total RainFAIL!  Then, Day 2 and it was time to send out for an Ark

[wipes feet]

Finally, we were able to get outside and fall into a pot of fairy soup.

[sound of crickets chirping]

Moving on...I love that picture of me and my mom (up there) because, there really aren't many pictures of me, or my mom, let alone, the both of us...together...since, you know, we're the ones usually doing all the picture-taking.

Glen with Mama and Papa by the lake
My mom and dad are going through a real rough patch, with several health issues, right now (theirs and my twin brothers) and, well, based on years of personal study (what can I say, I'm a people watcher) in my opinion, hanging with the grand kids can sometimes have a real positive healing effect.

Papa and the girls at the lake
Did I mention, we Hungarians are a very reflective lot?  We have open forums and very passionate discussions (ahem) about the meaning of life sort of stuff and, well, there aren't many secrets in my family.

Heather by the lake 

Like, here, Heather is reflecting on the fact that her mother (that would be me) did NOT give her enough time to straighten her hair (seriously, takes forever) before going out...in public...and having to wear a ponytail (which she hates) and, well, I didn't make her smile for the camera, or anything.

Holly hugs at the lake

I did, however, catch a quiet (albeit, very, very RARE) little happy moment, shared between siblings but...shhhhhhh...don't tell 'em, okay?

Hopey baseballs

Then, there's my youngest, Hope (she's 8) but, her Jersey name is Hopey Baseballs.

Hopey pitches

Who's STILL reflecting on the fact that mom did NOT sign her up for softball...in time.

Glen pitches

As, my only son, Glen reflects on the fact that mom managed to miss baseball sign-ups, as well, DAMMIT.

Holly pitches
And, Holly, who insists she HATES playing anything that remotely resembles a sport (she'd rather spend her day reflecting on a piece of art in a museum, somewhere) well, even she seemed to enjoy...using the golf pitch...for baseball practice.

Shuffle board time 

However, all 4 of my kids are ALL about shuffleboard; the sport of cruise camps, senior living facilities and retirement communities, everywhere!

Shuffleboard me baby one more time 

Yep, we ARE down with the shuffleboard and, after 5 years of incessant taunting by their grandparents (i.e., I can't believe I've been beat by a senior citizen!) my kids are gosh-darned good at it, too.

Leisure Village living Cross-posted to our 365 Days mircoblog project -- where I'm taking a self-imposed timeout, every day, to post wordless (you're welcome!)

No, it may not have been a day in Disney World (seriously, we are perhaps the only family, in Jersey, who has NOT had breakfast with a princess, yet) but, it's nice to know that even a leisurely day, spent outdoors, with the people who love you the most, well, Holy Hannah Montana, the kids and I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Reflect on that, Mickey!

Now take your kids and GET OUT (heh) also, you can visit the NWF site for ideas on what you can do to get these kids outside...besides, promising them a trip to Disney...I mean!

[FWIW:  I'm a Founding Mother of NWF's Be Out There program - just helping families (like mine) get their kids outside and enjoy nature, more - no payment was received for this blog post.]

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