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Distorted, No Editing Required

Day 123 - Raintorted

Cross-posted at our 365 Day Project, taken with my cell phone, because my camera is borked.

I broke my camera [pause for a moment of silence] it's sitting on the sideboard in our kitchen, right where I left it, after realizing that I could not get it to work, no matter how hard I pleaded with it.

"Oh no...et, tu Kodak!!!"

Although, my poor little red point and shoot is powering up (sort of) the lens opens and makes this terrible grinding noise, as it tries to focus on nothing and freezes with a gray-ish look on its screen and, well, I fear it is very nearly dead.

I know how it feels, sort of.

"Why are you crying?"

Heck if I knew.

"It's raindrops."

I mean, yeah, I bought the darned thing with my birthday money, last year (nevermind, which one) then, there's the fact that Garth and I are working through another rough patch (okay, so, maybe this time, we've been rubbing each other the wrong way, like flipping sandpaper) still, there ARE worse things, right? 

Like, a flash flood in Kentucky and Tennessee (some of my best blogging buddies live there) a failed car bombing attempt in NYC (real close to home, this one is) just to name a few HOLY HANNAH MONTANA moments that make me feel like a total asshat for shedding a tear (or, two) over a flipping camera, or a little rain.

But, it's NOT just about the camera, or the rain.

"Wow, it's pouring outside!"

My dad is scheduled for more surgery, tomorrow (AGAIN!) and THIS time, he's scared...me, too.

"Mom, look it!"

I arranged for coverage at work (thank you, Jane!) and will probably be spending the night (with my parents house, NOT at work!)


And was thinking about the eleventy other things that I had to do, this week and before school ends.


All of which required me to be somewhere else, other than home, or work and, well, I just wish that someone would hurry up and invent that cloning machine, already!


[blink, blink]

"Huh, now what do you need?"

Judging by the look on my youngest daughter's face, a real nice birthday present, next month, would be nice -- especially, to make up for drawing the short straw and the nearly nine years of putting up with me...as her mother.

"Daddy's gonna drop me off at school tomorrow, right?"

Oh yeah, I forgot.


Forget the clone, I've got Garth [not his real name] and, you bet your sweet tea, I'm keeping him!

"He took the whole day off, too!"

I know, right?

"AWESOME...I hope it doesn't pour."

Me, too!


"Cool picture!"

No editing required, either.

"Where's your camera?"

[one beat, two beats]

"Did you break it?"

You know, and I almost forgot about my broken camera...ALMOST!

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