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Hit the Road

Bird Sanctuary in Cape May

My husband, Garth [not his real name] and I dog sat a few months ago and, as a thank you, our youngest daughter's Godparents invited us to spend a weekend at their summer home in Cape May, NJ.

"What do you mean, they won't be there?"

It's a busy time of year -- especially, for folks who make a living out of digging in the dirt -- so, this trip, it would be just the six of us....and my sister-in-law.

"What about Doofus-Dawg?"

Oh, yeah...him, too...much to the hor-ruh of Garth [not his real name] poor guy.

"It's a BIG house!"

Besides, now that the kids are older and doing all sorts of stuff, on their own, we almost NEVER get to see each other, let alone do stuff, together, anymore.  I thought it would be sort of nice to eat dinner...sitting down.

"I call the middle bedroom!"

Actually, the house has five (I counted them...FIVE) bedrooms and a loft with four more (for a total of NINE) beds to choose from.  Although, the last time, I guess all the extra leg room sort of creeped my kids out and ALL four of them ended up sleeping in MY bed.

"Okay, but I got dibs on the bathtub!"

Did I mention, the Cape May house has a whirlpool tub (squee!) and it's BIG...too?

"DARNIT, why does mommy always get to go first?"

Needless to say, we ALL had a TERRIFIC weekend (yes, together!) and, well, I hope to show/tell you more about it, real soon.

"What do you mean, she took her camera to school?"

Did I mention, I broke my camera (moment of silence) and, no...I don't blame my 14 yo for not trusting me with hers, either.

"She's got ALL the pictures."

Except, the one of Hopey (above) getting a bird's eye view of Cape May Point State Park from her daddy's shoulders.

Doofus Needs a Vacation from His Vacation
Aaaand, this one of Doofus-Dawg totally blocking the entrance into the den/laundry room and, yep, it seems he needs a vacation from his vacation...too.

Stupid laundry!

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