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Less Cancer, More Birthdays!

Me and Steve Hungary 1966
Today is MY birthday (never mind, which one!) and, in celebration of the 17th Anniversary of my 29th birthday (there, I said it!) I have partnered with the American Cancer Society's Choose Campaign (unpaid) by hosting a special giveaway on my shopping blog (ditto) to help shine the spotlight on a sobering statistic:

One in three women will get cancer in her lifetime.

Considering my twin brother, Steve (yes, his REAL name) has been battling cancer for a few years, now (AND WINNING!) I am committed to finding and sharing ways in which women can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Especially, moms like me - I mean, we do tend to put our children's needs first, right?

So, in lieu of sending me birthday presents (ahem) I thought it would be nice to do something special, right here, on my blogger-with-children-who-does-not-blog-about-her-children-mostly-type-um-blog.

[sound of crickets chirping]

So, in honor of my older brother (by 3 minutes, still, older than me) Steve:

  • For every comment I receive on this post (because, you know, some folks STILL read blogs) I will donate $1.00 of what I've saved through BlogHerAds, this year (up to $100) to the  American Cancer Society.

[NOTE:  I would be THRILLED with the usual 3 comments -- thankyouverymuch -- but, feel free to pass the word along; I am donating the whole shuh-bang, anyway!]

I will leave comments open for 1 week (because, I know that you are busy) and then post a copy of my donation receipt.


Because, it's My birthday, being nice matters and cancer sucks wet poodle (der!) oh, and Happy Birthday, mah bruh-thuh!

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