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Wordless Wendesday: Welcome to Cape May Light House

Lost and Found

Heather and Mom in Cape May 2010To think, this mommy/daughter mugging for the camera moment was nearly lost, forever!

Last week, I wrote about how we hit the road and drove to Cape May for the weekend (yes, even the Doofus-Dawg seemed excited about his first road trip) and I did promise you pictures, to prove that Jersey is NOT all what you see outside your window, flying over Newark Airport (seriously, dude, we ARE called the garden state) but, my middle girl hid her camera from me, because I broke mine and, you know, she's smart like that.

"You can't use my camera."

Gosh, but some 14 year-olds can get very touchy about using their stuff, right?

"Why not?"

Sheesh, I only wanted to grab the memory card and already promised NOT to touch anything else.

"Because, I lost it."

Now, I could've reprimanded Heather for being forgetful, or acting irresponsibly with her stuff, but, well, it would be sort of like talking to myself, really.

"Lost what?"

Gosh, but some almost 9 year-olds can get very nosey about stuff, right?

"Never mind."

Now that ALL the laundry from the trip is done (almost) STILL no camera.

"Quick...take MY picture next!"

I was telling someone at school how upset Heather was (about losing her camera, I mean) and...wait a minute...what the?

"Who's camera is that?"

Long story short (you're welcome!) my youngest daughter found Heather's camera shoved into the pocket behind the driver's seat in the minivan and, well, thank goodness for nosey little almost 9 year-olds!

"Hey, I found it FIRST!"

Wanna see other moments nearly lost?

Sisters Mugging at Cape May

This shot of Holly and Heather, liking each other...mostly.

Hopey in Cape May 2010
Hope in pigtails, which she doesn't wear very often...anymore.

Glen in Cape May 2010
See how Glen's blue hair compliments his beautiful eyes...perfectly.

Doofus in Cape May 2010

Then there's this picture of Doofus-Dawg, on his first road trip, looking all handsome in beach house blue.

This Full House 2010 (pixelated)

Our first picture on the beach, as a family since, I don't know when, even if my husband, Garth [not his real name] makes me pixelate him...on my blog.

This Full House Kids Summer 2010

This Full House Kids 2010

Then again, it's posts like this that make me stop AND think...Holy Hannah Montana...but, these kids are getting SO BIG!

"Can I use Heather's camera?"

Blogging also helps to remind me to not sweat the small stuff...


... to step back and take a breath...

"But, whhhhhhhhhynot?"

... before going ALL ballistic on their behinds...

"Because, you have to ask Heather first."

... and remember that, you know, they don't stay little for very long.

"That's NOT fair...I wish I had a camera!"

Me, too.

Hopey 2008

2008 - Hopey in 1st grade

Don't worry, baby, maybe when we're both a little bit older, okay?

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