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My 8 year-old is SUCH a free spirit and, unlike her sisters, is a bit of a Tomboy, as well (she gets that from me) and, well, being the youngest of 4, the survival instinct is strong with this one.

"I wanna do the Lip Sync show, again!"

Last year, her older sisters helped choreograph Hope and her friends in performing, "We Got the Beat" by the GoGos and, more importantly, I didn't have to do a gosh-darned thing, other than, you know, drive them to and from the show.

"Am I picking your daughters up at school, or your house?"

This year, however, I did even less.

"I dunno?"

Lip-sync-related stuff, I mean.

"What time do we have to be there?"

My father was scheduled for major surgery and, well, if you were to ask me a week ago, at this EXACT time, exactly what was on my mind, I would have said...uh...I dunno, what day is it, again?

"The show starts at 7 o'clock!"

However, by Friday they had kicked my dad out of the hospital (thank you for ALL the good thoughts, btw, they worked) and he's recovering, quite well.

"Can't wait to see the show!"

I was so ready for the week to be over, but had no clue what to expect, other than their act was based on the Risky Business dance scene, this Heidi Klum Guitar Hero commercial and one of my favorite episodes of The Nanny (you know, Fran Drescher...she tawks funny) and they called themselves, No Business 4 Boyz!

They did a FABULOUS job, right (Hope is the cutey on the left) so, who's the boy?

"What a good big brother you are!"

Apparently, my oldest daughter bribed my 11 year-old son to play the part of the "boss man" (for the latest issue of his favorite wrestling magazine, I think) and extortion sorta runs in the in Jersey, anyways.

"I had to sit in a room full of screaming girls!"

I'm sorta glad it's over, too.

"I almost threw up."

Aaaaand, I'm grateful that, as they get older, my kids really seem to enjoy helping each other out.

"But, I just swallowed it and walked on stage."


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