Wordless Wednesday: Bowling is for Tutus
Wordless Wednesday: Hosed in Jersey

Hair of BlogHers Past

Only 14 more sleeps until BlogHer '10 and, since this IS my 4th year attending this particular blogging conference (read:  proved myself to be a dork, 3 times, for REAL, already!) I feel it safe say, "WHOOT!" and admit that I am sooooooo happy I do NOT HAVE TO worry about flying, you know, in an airplane, or eleventy.

Heeeeeeello, NJTransit...it's been a while...how've ya' been, dawg?

Still, it can get sorta weird, stepping out from behind one's blog and leaving your delete button, behind (mine is broken, go figure) and, well, it's kind of hard to pass myself off as the ageless, yet brilliantly insightful and entertaining blogging ingenue....

[sound of crickets chirping]

....AM SO!...in my mind, anyway...still, BlogHer is one of the very few chances I get (if any) to hang out with some of my favorite people in the blogging community.

[Yeah, I'm looking at you, BusyMom, Jenn, SocalMom, Melisa With one S, Headless Mom, Dawn and NYCityMama, just to name a few!!!]

Also, to meet and thank past blogging partners and new business associates who I am also very proud to be able to call, friends.

[That would be you, Cooper and Emily!!!]

Because, in some weird-ish way...we HAVE become friends...who happen to agree...to disagree and like each other, anyway.

Me and Melissa

In fact, it was Melisa's post (more specifically, the above picture of us...at BlogHer 2009 in Chicago...together) that inspired me to write this one and say to ALL of you going to BlogHer, this year...HOLY CRAP!...I do NOT look like that, anymore.

In fact, looking back, I've had a completely different hairstyle, or color...every year.

Me and MamaLoves

That's Aimee and  me at BlogHer 2008 in San Franscisco with my short (very, very short) dark-ish, HOLY CRAP, but California is a LOOOOONG way from New Jersey, look.

Blogher 2007 in Chicago

That's Lisa, Amber, Dana, Shannon and me at BlogHer 2007 in Chicago with my long-ish, gold-ish THANK GAWD these people don't seem to mind hanging with a dork, look.

Aaaaand, what's the look gonna be...this year?


Well, only 14 more sleeps and you'll find out...soon enough...besides, I wouldn't want to ruin your image of me, anymore than I have, already, maybe.

[sound of crickets chirping]

Oh...look...over there...is that something shiny?

Mariska at sag awards
Oh, alright...this is me at a recent family barbecue...IS TOO...just, look for me at the BlogHer 5K Fun Run/Walk...I'll be wearing the same color tutu (for Tanner) so, how do I look?

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