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Independence is a Relative Term

I was 12 years-old when we celebrated the Bi-centennial and, sadly, the only thing I remember from the day is getting these really cool pair of socks.

My Favorite T.V. Show from 1976 first crushes...mostly him (on the left) it's like 1976, all over again!

No, these are NOT the socks (can't find a picture, anywhere) nor, do they have anything to do with Independence Day (so what?) but, I thought I'd share another favorite memory from my preteen years (50 extra points for the 1st person who can ADMIT to being able to name that t.v. show!) as, my parents worked (a lot) soooo, my twin brother and I stayed home and watched A LOT of television.

By ourselves.

Today, my kids also enjoy watching television (perhaps a little more than they should, I know) but, summer vacation is waaaay different (sounding really old, now, I know) from when I was their age.

"Why don't you guys go outside?"

Tell me it's like this at your house, too.

"But, it's toooooo hot!"

Because, I swear, my brother and I would have sold each other, to have a swimming our backyard.

"Will you come with us?"

Then again, there isn't much that my kids themselves.

What Heat Wave
Or, without my parents.

"You guys coming over on Sunday, right?"

Their dependency on seeing the brother...every week...can be very trying, at times...especially, on Sundays.

"Absolutely, we will be there!"
Still, seeing my brother, watching him play with my kids, listening to his goofy laugh and then his wife yell at him for acting like, well, a 12 year-old [snicker] and getting the chance to spend the whole like a breath of fresh air...really.

And then my father WILL start to cry.

"OMG...what's the matter?"

My mother will shake her head, bite her lower lip and then eventually tears would come to her eyes, too.

"No, really...Apu...what's bothering you?"

He will wipe his eyes and slowly look around the room.

"Nothing...seeing you and your brother together...I'm just happy...and that's all I ever wanted!"

My brother will suggest that we watch Independence Day, for the buh-zillion-th time (my son will be the 1st to agree) and then my mom will, once again, bring up the fact that Hope looks SO MUCH like I did, at her age.

And it will take a while for their words to sink in; eventually, the goosebumps will hit, along with the realization that maybe my parents are NOT as dependent, as I thought (go figure!) but, in their eyes, merely exercising their right as grandparents. 

Or, getting another chance to celebrate deep pride in their adopted country...through their children's eyes...on Independence Day.

"I got an "A" on my report on Hungary...Papa!"

Aaaand, I can't think of any place I'd rather be, or anything else I'd rather be doing, at the moment.

Hopey is ready for her playdate, now!

Other than remembering the fun we had, the last time we visited with my brother and he gave the S.W.A.T. helmet to Hopey, on Memorial Day!

"You know, your mother spent a summer in Hungary AND she needed A LOT of band aids...too!"

Aaaaand, it's like 1976, all over again...sort of.

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