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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pretending Like It's Two Zero Zero Four

Monday Morning With Doofus-Dawg: Well, it WAS morning the last times ahs-looked, anyways!

DoofusDawg Monday

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!  D'oh, hello...eyes didn't sees yous come in all quiet like.

[smacks lips]

Mah name is Doofus-dog.

Ma ain'ts at her desk, right now and...d'oh...she ask-did me to...uh...excuse me a minute, puh-leeze.


D'oh, sorry 'bout that.  Ah hates squirrels.  Don'ts yous?  Anyways.  Ma ain'ts here, ah think'oh yeah...ah remember now.


Stupid squirrels!

D'oh, aaaanyways, Ma is a, that ain'ts it...wait, ah remember now...she's a bee...uh...she's be busier than a cat covering up poop on a cee-ment floor, right now...d'oh...whatever that means.


"Cawse ahs knows, and yous knows cats is stoopid.


D'oh, hello...wait a ah know yous?

[heavy sigh]

D'oh yeah, ah remember'm supposed to tell yous that too-mahr-raws another day...d'oh...that's naught right, either...'cause, everybody knows too-mahr-raws the today that yous forgot all about yesterdays.


Nah, hers 'puter brokedid aaaaay-ghenn (NO, AH DID NAUGHT BROKEDIDIT!!!) but, she's busy plannin' some-in, 'cawse some-ins happenins the day after too-mahr-raws and that some-ins gonna REAL GOOD, too..brokedid 'puter or naught!


D'oh, hello...wait a ah knows yous?


D'oh, oh yah, well, I hopes yous had a real nice Monday and if yous did'n...well...there's always too-mahr-raw and...shee-yah...theys plenty more room on dis-heres couch.


Have a nice day, too-mahr-raws!


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