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High Tides and Green Skies, Jersey Forever?

The Overlook

Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook County Park, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Actually, it was grayish, rainy and a bit chilly, yesterday.. PERFECT weather for some late summertime fun...here, in Jersey, anyway.

A lot of folks seem to like visiting New Jersey (on purpose) especially, our neck of the Jersey shore and I'm okay with that (mostly) I mean, if it weren't for the Bennies (i.e. people who visit here, only in the summertime) we'd probably have to pay A LOT MORE money to get on our beaches and MTV would NOT currently hold the #1 google rank it does, you know, today...DAMNIT!

Why so sensitive? 

Having answered, "Where do you live?" dozens of times, in the last week with, "Just over the river, in Jersey," followed by ALL the apologetic looks and responses I found MYSELF inflicting on everyone, like, "Aaaand, it's NOTHING like the Jersey Shore," well, I find myself...feeling very ashamed...of myself, really.

Do you See New York City in the distance - me either!

Sandy Hook, NJ

NOTE TO SELF:  This is MY home.  My kids live here.  My parents ran for their lives (literally) found safe haven and, eventually, raised their family, here...yes, in New Jersey. 

"What a gorgeous view!"

After 40-something years (never mind how many, exactly!) you think my skin would be thick enough, already.

"UGH, but would you look at!"

[eyes go wide]

"Is that Jersey?"

I never even heard the group coming (who knew senior citizens could be so, you know, stealth-like?) and I'm still not quite sure where they were visiting from, actually.

"No ma'am, that's New York City."

Okay, so my skin IS thicker than I thought...and I got YOUR back NYC...DAMNIT!

"Really?  Look at ALL that smog."

Okay, so Jersey is NOT perfect.

"Actually, there's a fog bank rolling in."

An #epicfail, governmentally speaking.

"Are you sure?"

But, it could be worse.

"It looks awfully like the crap we got at home."

I could be living...right next to HER!

"Yes, ma'am, I bet it does."

Gosh, but I feel waaaaaay better...already!


Have a GREAT weekend, everyone and if anybody needs me, I'll be in the backyard, weeding my vegetable gardens, mowing the field behind the pool and generally avoiding the killer poison ivy that we seem to be growing...in bushels...yes, here in Jersey!

Stupid steroids!

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