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Who's Been Sitting in My Chair and Why is My Kid Calling it Mom?

My husband, Garth (not his real name) met me at the train station on Sunday and, after taking a quick look at my swollen legs, scaly arms, blistering hands and blotchy neck (you're welcome!) believing that my recent poison ivy infection had somehow morphed into leprosy (ditto) he drove me straight to the doctor's office. "I can't breath." Apparently, I still hadn't gotten over an unexpected trip to a NYC hospital and BusyMom wasn't around. Seriously, it was ALL I could do to hold it together (wearing long sleeves and slacks in the summer, when it's Africa-hot, sucks donkey balls!)... Read more →

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Attend BlogHer: SaveHer '10

I mean, really, wrangling 2,000+ registered attendees (not to mention, the 11-ty billion others already living in/visiting NYC) something's bound to go wrong (coming from someone, whose attempts at throwing a dinner party, for 6, the last 16 years, has failed, miserably, more often than not) and, well, someone's destined to get their feelings hurt (see previous parenthesis) or, break something (ditto) right? No worries, SaveHer '10 is here (i.e. alternate title: Riding in an Ambulance with BusyMom!) [photo credit: FireMom] It was a normal Friday evening (for BlogHer, anyway) BusyMom and I just finished attending a wonderful event, where... Read more →

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Reason #91,034,199 Why I WILL NOT Be Pregnant at #BlogHer10!

I dropped the kids off at my folks' place today and it's, like, back-to-school quiet around here. Good thing, too, seeing as I'm not even packed, yet. "We're hungry!" Last week? Sucked donkey balls (that one's for my friend, Surprised Mom) and, well, good thing I am the master of spontaneous parenting. [looks in fridge] "'s what's for dinner!" So, tonight, I'm sitting here, at the kitchen table...ALL...BY...MYSELF...and listening to absolutely nothing...except, for the sounds of my husband Garth (not his real name) making dinner. "Stir fry sound good, for you?" Sure, I'm a little hesitant about leaving the kids... Read more →

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