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1990 Bride

 August 25, 1990 

20 years ago (I know...I'm old...shuddup!) I was cruising down the Parkway (a.k.a. Garden State Parkway, for those of you who aren't, you know, from Jersey) surrounded by taffeta and covered in tulle (it was the end of the 80's, baby) as my soon-to-be-sister-in-law mooned traffic and made me laugh so hard, I snorted champagne out of my nostrils!

You would have thought SHE was the one getting married (the aforementioned Parkway-mooner, I mean) the way her hand shook, each time she filled my paper cup.

It took her forever to FINALLY convince her brother to ask me out.

"Just this once and then you leave me alone, right?"

I guess, since we DID get engaged, only 2 months later, she was just hoping it would, you know, work out.

Flash forward 20 years:  taking into consideration, ALL the good times (and bad) oh, and even those days that totally sucked hairy donkey balls (you're welcome!) not to mention, 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 sock-eating doofus-dog AND enough laundry to circle the planet (twice) YES, I really would do it ALL over again.

However, this time, perhaps with MORE champagne, a little less tulle and I'd be the one, you know, mooning the Parkway.

So, what ARE we doing for our 20th?

[shrugs shoulders]

Well, in lieu of fine china (which, is a really bad gift idea, for a klutz, like me, btw!) we're celebrating by taking our kids hiking to Bushkill Falls, PA today (it's where he proposed) then, having lunch at Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville, NJ (I kid you not!) followed by a burping contest across the Delaware (because, nothing burps better than Johnny's birch beer!) and then probably order in for some Chinese food, tonight.

Because...unlike Cinderella...I did NOT marry the man of my dreams...THANK GAWD and I do....TRUST ME...every blessed day!!!

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