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What I UnLearned on My Summer Vacation

Happy 20th Anniversary, Garth (not his real name!)

Happy 20th Anniversary to us, Garth (not his real name!) 

Most of my kids go back to school, this week -- my middle girl has been accepted into a specialized high school and doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day AND yes the other kids are NOT happy about it.

So, to soften the mood of our house (seriously, where DID the summer go?) my husband Garth (not his real name) surprised me for our 20th Wedding Anniversary (thanks for the well wishes, btw!) by taking a vacation day last Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday to spend more time with me (yes, ME!) doing absolutely nothing of REAL importance, which truly is a  MONUMENTAL act of love, on his part.

Trust me, I know!!!

Although, it's nice to find some folks sharing their secrets to a happy marriage (97 of them, to be exact) I just think it would be prudent to just tell you that Garth (not his real name) and I have absolutely NO idea how we made it, this far!

Especially, considering what happened THIS passed weekend. 

I Spy Something Gray

Down by the Bay in Keyport, NJ

No, we don't agree on EVERYTHING and yes, there's A LOT OF stuff we just don't see in exactly the same way (i.e. no politics at the dinner table or when sharp objects are nearby) but, sometimes, spending a gray and cloudy day together can be quite beautiful.

Bushkill Falls Full House 2010

Hiking the red trail in Bushkill Falls, PA

We've made A LOT of mistakes over the years and repercussions of bad decisions seem to haunt us, repeatedly (DAMMIT!) but, sometimes, deciding to just follow the current downstream can be quite relaxing.


Twittering while under the influence of teenagers can be...uh...REAL educational.

Parenting is hard.  Being "the parent" is even harder (yes, it's a word!) but, sometimes, a quiet moment can speak volumes and there's no need for words, really.

This Full House Kids Summer 2010 End

/Summer 2010. 

That's what I did on my summer vacation -- all 3 days of it -- aaaand, I didn't even have to pack clean underwear or pop Dramamine, either!!!


Now, if only I could convince Garth (not his real name) my kids, as well as the rest of the free speaking world, that being a Professional Dork (like me) CAN be a viable and lucrative career choice.

[sound of crickets chirping]


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