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Saving Second Base
(A Breast Cancer eCookbook)
Because Nice Matters, Cancer Ssaćs!

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Growing up, Barbara and I had a lot in common.  She spoke Polish, I spoke Hungarian (close enough!) we graduated high school in 1982 and, sadly, lost touch since then.

Until...Facebook, when my laptop pinged that another high school buddy wanted to chat.

"Did you hear one of our schoolmates died?"

No, but I was pretty sure that he WAS mistaken.  Had to be.  Because, in my mind, I'm still 18 and, well, we're not THAT old, are we?

Then again, we aren't born with any guarantees (DAMMIT!) or "date of expiration" stamps, either (thank goodness) and, well, my own twin brother gave up a kidney (stupid cancer!) my husband and both my in-laws have faced the knife (literally) to remove squamous cells (nasty stuff) and I recently watched my SIL (my husband's oldest sister) bravely deal with a pretty bad cancer scare, last month, as I held her hand, while folks poked, prodded and generally assaulted her breasts.

So, yeah, like my friend Rachel (a.k.a. A Southern Fairytale) I am PASSIONATE about supporting cancer research and help, wherever, or whenever I can, to raise awareness, like joining her and Once A Month Mom in Saving Second Base!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and these wonderful women are the driving force behind creating an eCookbook to help "eat away at breast cancer."

The Saving Second Base Facebook Page explains why:

This project is in honor of the loved ones in your life that have been affected by breast cancer. Share their recipes or favorite foods. ALL proceeds of this project go to breast cancer research.

Wanna help?

Saving second base sidebarEXCELLENT! You can start by visiting Rachel and Tricia.

Their blog posts will tell you how you can submit a recipe to the Saving Second Base eCookbook -- remember, all proceeds go to breast cancer research!

Or, show your "support for the bewbies" by visiting the Saving Second Base on Facebook, go ahead and hit the "like" button and let others know about this AWESOME project, by posting a prettiful badge, on your blog, too!

My friend, Barbara?

I'm not sure how she passed (can't think of a good reason why she was taken away from her family at SUCH a young age, either) but, I hope that she knows that I've been thinking about her.

All weekend, in fact.

Her passing has made me realize that the time we have together is precious and perhaps waaaaaay shorter than we think and that, in any language, totally ssaćs, my friend!

Excuse my Polish.

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