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Nearly Wordless Wednesday:
The Dance

Theresa 1964
My mother's baby sister, Aunt Theresa (holding me) her friend (holding my brother) my dad, my mom and Nagy Mama late spring, 1964.

Theresa Sassy'nit Up on the Dance Floor! 04/30/52 - 11/02/10

My Aunt Theresa sass'nit up on the dance floor (with me) on my wedding day (August 25, 1990) whose last wish was to be buried in the same awesomely sassy dress, tomorrow. 

Until we meet me a dance, my sweet and awesomely sassy Keresztmama (Godmother, in Hungarian) you will be missed, never forgotten and forever loved for ALL your sassyness and more!!! 

Forever yours, Sziszike.

Friggin' Diabetes.


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