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Reverb 10 is an online initiative created by Gwen Bell to reflect on 2010, consider, you know, what's next and, through daily writing prompts, help folks (like me) share their story. 

Since I am ALL about sharing (shuddup Garth, not your real name!) and my friend Shannon is doing it (although, the non-conformist in me can't promise to, you know, write daily) I've decided to give it a whirl.

Today's prompt:  Party -- what social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Me and FireMom  

[photo credit: FireMom]

These days, my kids have cornered the market on party hopping (don't even get me started on sleepovers, or, more accurately, keep parents awake until 2:00 in the morningovers) unless, showcasing unbreakable cookware and food storage containers are involved.

Then, move over and pass the mojitos, my friend, I am SO there!

Once again, I had the EXTREME pleasure of meeting up with some really AWESOME friends at BlogHer in NYC, this year -- fleeting moments of SQUEE! could be heard for miles, I'm sure -- perhaps it should really be called MeetHer, HugHer and GoHomeWithHer!

Kicking back on a rooftop with BusyMom, Jenna, Melisa, Sue, Carmen, and picking soot out of each other's hair...now, that's MY idea of a party...YES, really!!!



However, it is what happens AFTER the party -- like, riding in an ambulance with BusyMom -- that sometimes proves to be the MOST, you know, memorable.

I can't WAIT to see what happens, next year!

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