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Reverb 10 is an online initiative created by Gwen Bell to reflect on 2010, consider, you know, what's next and, through daily writing prompts, help folks (like me) share their story. 

Since I am ALL about sharing (shuddup Garth, not your real name!) and my friend Shannon is doing it (although, the non-conformist in me can't promise to, you know, write daily) I've decided to give it a whirl.

Today's prompt:  Wisdom -- what was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Confession.  Ready?  I'm NOT very good with decisions (I know, act surprised anyway!) 

Oh, I can decide on lots of stuff.  Dozens of times.  Every blessed gosh-darned day, even!

Nonsensical declarations, like:

  • Sure, belly dancing sounds like fun, why not?
  • NO, that does NOT mean you can get your belly button pierced!
  • Yes, What's-her-Face can sleep over.
  • NO, that does NOT mean you can have a party!
  • Sure, a class trip to NYC sounds like fun, why not?
  • NO, I am NOT available to chaperon, either!
  • Yes, So-and-So may stay for dinner.
  • NO, that does NOT mean you can get a gun!

Decision like that.  Every.  Blessed.  Day.  Just, you know, NOT for myself.

Last month, I decided NOT to ignore my health any longer and, without going into too much detail (you're welcome!) turns out it was the WISEST decision I've made in a very, very long time.

For myself!

Now, I can continue dispensing my supreme wisdom, where it is needed most (shuddup!)

"You signed me up for WHAT?!?"

Without having to worry about anything, you know, dropping off, or falling out!

"Oh, alright, as long as I can walk, because running STILL makes me pee, a little."

Sort of!

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