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Spittin' on Sunshine (Wooah!)

Happy 15th Birthday, Heather!

Happy 15th Birthday, Heather!

By now, you've been marked on the measuring wall, had your birthday hunt and opened your gift (you're welcome!) and I really do hope that you're not too disappointed.

Don't worry.  I understand.  Even if you swore a thousand and one times on your beloved great-grandmother's grave (who loved you very much, too and is probably watching, right now, so I better be REAL careful about what I say next) birthdays SHOULD be coveted and a time when selflessness is, more often than not, overlooked.

Unless, you live in our house...your birthday falls SMACK in the middle of cold and flu snowed about two-gazillion feet and you're STILL digging out (DAMMIT!) or, in this case, ALL of the above (see previous parenthesis!) aaaand, your birthday sleepover (a.k.a. slumberless) party has been postponed (again) until maybe, um, next year?

"How about if I pencil you in for this Thursday?"

It's times like these when I begin to believe that wishing on sunshine and rainbows is highly overrated.

"That's okay, Momma, I understand."

As I watch you, right now, whille we take advantage of a delayed opening at dad's office (YAY!) and enjoy an impromptu breakfast celebration (i.e. just happened to have eggs, milk AND enough flour) chowing down on his scrumpdeliumptious crepes and finding contentment with where you are, right now.

"For some reason, these taste really, really good today, dad!"

It's only then do I realize the warm streams of light that begin to float through our dining room window and find absolute joy in being able to see our spit in the sunshine.

"Wait, let me try!"

Still, I can't help but agree with your father and his gosh-darned New England sensibility (sort of!)

"You guys are really just too much!"

Because, these are the times, when I truly believe, with all my heart, there is NO such thing as too much gift.

"Ready, together now!"

Happy Birthday, BeeBop!!!

"We're spittin' on sunshine, WHOOAH!"

Once again, you've proved yourself WAY too much gift, for me -- but, I love, LOve, LOVe, oh my gosh, I absolutely freakin' LOVE you -- I'm keeping you, anyway.

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