Random Acts of Zhu for the Holidays: New Jersey & Zhu, Happy Together!
Spittin' on Sunshine (Wooah!)

You Know You're a Parent When:
All You Want for Christmas
Is a Puke-free New Year

Facebook Update on Puke Beeeeecause, all the baking, cleaning, cooking, planning and preparing in the world will NOT stop the creeping crud from putting a damper on your holiday.

Unless, you live at our house...

"Sweetie, you awake?"

...you're turning 15, this week...

"Any special requests?"

...but, have lost ALL concept of time...

"Can I please have some water, now, pretty please?"

...because, the kid's been puking since Christmas Day.

"Um, not yet, Sweetie, maybe tomorrow."

At our house, birthdays and holidays sometimes arrive late and can last an entire week, even.

"What day is it, again, today?"

[one beat, two beats]

"Uh, well, um, Christmas, yeah, that's right, it's Christmas!"

On OPPOSITE day, so what?

"Oh, look...AAAAAND it's snowing!"

Besides, this way, it looks like we'll be having a White Christmas, after all!

"Oh good, just in time for my sleepover!!!"

Um, yeah...about that...considering Snowmageddon has indeed arrived, uh, no.

"Right, Momma?"

Shhhh, but don't remind Heather, that Glen has a wrestling tournament (on Heather's birthday) but, he's also coughing up a lung, like Holly and Hope's been hitting the bathroom (on and off) since early, this morning.

"Riiiiiight, I hope it snows until New Years."

What?  Okay, I don't know about your house. 

"YAY...let's have pajama day, everyday!"

I would MUCH rather admit defeat once, than have to succumb to the creeping crud, one celebration at a time, you know?

Happy, um, Everything!!!

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