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The House Next Door

Grace 1

It's sad, really.  A lonely, frozen, barren, wasteland comes to mind.  Gloom crashes in like icy waves, extinguising all of the warmth from my body, culminating in a moment of complete and unavoidable despair.

  Grace 2

The sadness is overwhelming.

  Grace 3

It clouds the eyes and turns my thoughts toward darker days.

Grace 4

This house is old.  The woman living inside is even older.  At 104, she has outlived her children and even some of her grandchildren.  What have her eyes seen?  How many times has her heart been broken continues to beat?

Grace 5-1
It's amazing, really.  A sturdy, unsinkable ship comes to mind; made with strong hands and bound by family ties that, although broken long ago, weathered yet another storm.

Grace 6

Yes, this house is old.  The woman living inside is even older.  It is her home.


Grace lives there and her next door neighbor's name is Hope.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Snowballs

Passed the Nose on My Face

I love snow [ducks to avoid flying snowballs] working up enough courage to actually get behind the wheel of a car and driving in it, not so much!

I got into my first and only car wreck [knocking on wood until knuckles bleed] while driving home from a snow storm.

It was bad; my body hurts just thinking about it.

I was only 20 and, well, let's just say I've spent the last 20-something years, doing my best to avoid, having to the snow.

Until, I had children.

My kids don't like to walk, anywhere (I think it's a law, or something) partly, because we live in an area where the ratio between accessible sidewalks to the actual number of cars on the road is equal to the proportion of the accumulated snowfall.

In other words, no one shovels their gosh-darned sidewalks, anymore, DAGNABIT!

"Can I stay home, today?"


"Yes...WAIT...I mean, NO!"

I fear for my middle girl.  She attends a specialized high school 25 miles away from home and, well, her bus travels some of the craziest roads known to the Jersey Shore as...THE PARKWAY!!!


"Sorry, kiddo, but you have finals, today!"

Aaaaand, she was out sick, yesterday, already, DAGNABIT!!!

"Can you pick me up from school, today?"

[bites lower lip]

"Um, NO!"

What?  This particular kid also takes a bus and, well, who am I to deny someone a chance to do their job, right?

"Can you pick me up from school, today?"

[heavy sigh]

"Uh, NO!"

What?  Aaaand, this kid can literally spit from our house to the school, we live THAT close.

"Now, remember, if the snow gets really, really bad, mommy's gonna park the car down the street and we're gonna walk home, okay?"

[eyes go wide]


YES!  Because, there's a wooded path leading from this kid's school, to the adjacent neighborhood and, well, I fear THAT parking lot, the most!

"It'll be an adventure!"

Besides, we're supposed to get like, 10 inches and I've abandoned cars, for less.

", our area can expect a light dusting to no accumulation...until, tonight."


[looks out the window]


Guess what?  The weather dudes were wrong (GASP!) I spun out in the CVS parking lot getting milk on the way home from school this morning and, well, it looks like my kids are walking!

[pulls up hoodie and blows bangs out of eyes]

If anyone needs me, I'll be outside, cleaning off my car (for the eleventy-hundrendth time) and pretending like I'm a REAL good stay-at-home mother.

Stupid Snowmaggedon!!!

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Raising a Manchild (Kind Of, Sort Of!)

Mom and Glen

12 years ago, on the 23rd of January, at 2:05 p.m., I gave birth to a son and, although your sisters could not wait to meet their new baby brother, I was terrified at the thought of raising a manchild.

Holly and Glen
You see, like your sisters, I'm a girl (AM SO!)

Glen and Heather
I know how girls think (sort of!) although, I'm not saying that they are any better (or, worse!) it's just that, I don't know, boys are different.

Hope and Glen
Then, just as we started getting used to each other (kind of!) you became a big brother and a real good one, the way...even when you would find your G.I. Joes and Power Rangers, left accidentally on purpose, half-naked in the bath tub, surrounded by bald-headed Barbie dolls. 

Garth NHRN and Glen

Girls are weird, I know (they get that from daddy) still, now that you are 12, going on boyteen, I can't help but wonder...OMG! in the heck did we get here?

Happy Birthday Glen
Where DID the time go...can't we hold onto your childhood, just a little while longer?

Hope's Card Front Hope's Card Back

Then again, according to your baby sister, you ARE a man (how awesome is that card, right?) and she's absolutely're I'll tell you something you don't know.

Glen and Me
Yesterday, at 2:05 p.m., you made a wish and, although I can't promise it will come true  or, that growing up will get any easier (dagnabit!) I will always be your mom, no matter what (yes, REALLY!) aaaaand, you will probably be way taller than me, too...DAGNABIT!

Happy Birthday, I love you, BIG GUY!

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Do I Love Him?


I haven't slept with Garth (not his real name) since, Christmas!

[eyes go wide]

In the same bed, I mean, SHEESH!

We've been married for 20 years and, well, as Doofus is very willing to demonstrate (DAMMIT!) the couch can be pretty comfy, too.

Still, our kids are getting older, we're feeling old-ish (more and more, everyday, dammit!) I guess life is just rubbing our nerves raw, at the moment.

Okay, you can cut the tension with a cotton ball and the hardest part is, you know, pretending like our kids don't notice.

Oh, we're fine -- just in case you were wondering or someone closely related to us happens to wander in here and read into stuff he, or she really shouldn't.


It's just real hard to wake Garth (not his real name) once he sits down, poor guy, so it's just easier to let him sleep with the dawg, while I watch Fiddler on the Roof, for the bazillionth time, right?

[the sound of crickets chirping]

Still, it also raises one very important question:

(Garth NHRN)
Do you love me?

Do I what?

(Garth NHRN)
Do you love me?

Do I love you?
With kids in 4 different schools
And this cruddy flu going around
You're upset, you're worn out
Go inside, go lie down!
Maybe it's indigestion

(Garth NHRN)
"I'm asking you a question..."

Do you love me?

I'm a dork!

(Garth NHRN)
"I know..."

But do you love me?

Do I love you?
For twenty years I've washed your clothes
Cooked your meals, cleaned your house

PAUSE:  Okay, so Garth (not his real name) does ALL of this too (maybe, even more) but, that's NOT the point, here!  Continue:

Given you children, milked the cow (no, not really, SHEESH!)
After twenty years, why talk about love right now?

(Garth NHRN)
The first time I met you
I didn't think we'd last the day
I was scared

I was shy

WAIT A MINUTE:  Okay, for those of you who knew me B.C. (before children) you can all STOP laughing now! Continue:

(Garth NHRN)
I was nervous

Truth be told, so was I

(Garth NHRN)
And now I'm asking,
Do you love me?

But, I'm such a dork!

(Garth NHRN)
"I know..."
But do you love me?

Do I love him?
For twenty years I've lived with him
Fought him, laughed with him
After twenty years the couch is his
If that's not love, I ask you, WHAT IS?

(Garth NHRN)
Then you love me?

I suppose I do

(Garth NHRN)
And I suppose I love you, too

No, it doesn't change a thing, but even so, after twenty years, it's sorta nice to know -- not to mention, hear myself say it out loud, pretend my blog is a stage and that I sing REAL good, too!

Move over, Doofus (the dawg, I mean!)

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For the Love of Bubbles

Loves Bubbles
Love is waking your laptop to find silly little cabin-fever-induced webcam photos of your teens...all 350 of them (cabin-fever-induced webcam photos, NOT teens, I mean!)


Aaaaand, there's more snow on the way?!?

FLOB!  Seems Mother Nature is in desperate need of a serious attitude adjustment, too...or, a new laptop...whatevs.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!

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I Whip My Lens Back and Forth

A Blogger and Her Camera

My husband, Garth (not his real name) thinks I'm nuts (I know, act surprised anyway okay?)

Aaaanyway, as I was showing a family friend my our new BESTEST, AWESOMEST, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER, not to mention, ABSOLUTELY FRIGALICIOUS camera...

[takes breath]

...he calls me out.

"She takes the weirdest pictures."

I was crushed.

So, I grabbed the camera (ever so gently) and began to scroll through the memory card.

We nabbed this old foot pump Singer sewing machine in a yard sale, B.C. (before kids) I just love the shadow play with the wood and metal in this shot.

Gazing ball
Looking up on top of the sewing machine:  the flower pot is a quick (but, prettiful) place to drop our keys and the glass ball actually belongs to something else that broke, years ago (can't remember what) but, the kids like to pretend it's a magic crystal, too.

Photos and Lamp
Looking to the left of the sewing machine:  two of my favorite pictures of Garth (not his real name) and I thought that the reflection on the one of us dancing at my brother's wedding was sort of cool -- quite apropos, really.

Looking to the right of the sewing machine:  the dining room window is the brightest in the house (even on the gloomiest of winter days) so, my geraniums are always in full bloom! /gloom


Aaaaand, then looking left (again) from the sewing machine:  my Aunt Theresa crocheted this blanket for me as a Christmas present.  My cousin gave it to me the day Theresa passed away and I'm still waiting for the awful sense of loss and regret to pass, too, each time I look at it.

[heavy sigh]

Aaaand, this is when I moved to the back door and, well, color me weird, but darned if I didn't start to feel a whole lot better!

"What's this one about?"

I looked over my friend's shoulder and blankly stared at the viewer.

"Um, what do YOU think it looks like?"

[eyes go wide]

"Well, I would say a Christmas Cactus."


"But, you're the photographer."


"You probably see something different, like hair, or something!"


I know.  In this case, different is code for nutty and/or weird.  Still.  I love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE my new BESTEST, AWESOMEST, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER, not to mention, ABSOLUTELY FRIGALICIOUS camera...

[takes deep breath]

...because, it compels me to slow down and really appreciate the world around me and, well, she DID call me a photographer, right?

[sound of crickets chirping]

Shut up, Garth (NHRN!)

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