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Sundays in My City: Winter Blues

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Love Thursday Home

Our house is about 1,800 square feet -- that's the equivalent of some folk's swimming pools, here in Jersey -- and it looks even smaller, from the sidewalk.

Understandably, it's hard to imagine 6 people living in such a house.


It's really funny to watch first-time visitors walk through our front door, stare up at the high ceilings, blink both their eyes, rapidly, as they try to center their gaze on the back wall, some 25 feet or so away and then, you know, physically stumble.

"It looks a lot bigger on the inside!"

It's an optical illusion, really -- not to mention, they've just seen the biggest room in the house -- still, we get by. 

Unless, someone gets sick (which, during creeping crud season, is pretty much once a week) or, we're hosting a sleepover (what I like to refer to as, slumberless parties) when no one is sick, of course!

"Wait, how many kids DID you invite?"

Aaaaand, well, reorganizing a corporation could NOT be anymore challenging than rearranging our house.

"Where DID you put them all?"

Considering, my brother and I were raised in an even smaller house (6, including the bathroom) it's funny to think that my own mother had trouble visualizing the logistics of making room for 10 more very-near-to-their-adult-size teenagers.

"Only 5 of them stayed over."


"Where are they?"

You know what's even funnier? 

Watching my husband, Garth (not his real name) both eyes darting left, right and then left again, several times and finally gingerly walk through the front door, expecting a surprise attack, land minds, or something.

"Relax...they...are in the girls' room."

It's quite ironic, really -- considering, it's hard for friends to imagine how all 3 of my daughters share the same room and, you know, live to complain about -- then again, at least they have a bedroom door.

"Don't they want more room?"

[shrugging shoulders]

"Apparently, not."

Until, about 1:30 in the morning.

"Sorry, mom, but we sorta got hungry."

Judging by all the empty cans of soup AND containers of chocolate frosting, I found tossed in the kitchen sink, I would say so.

"You know, you coulda stayed in the living room?"

[shrugs shoulders]

"It's no big deal."

I know (DAMMIT!) still, over the years, I've learned to be careful not to complain about the house, too much -- no matter how frustrating, stressful or claustrophobic it may be, especially, in the wintertime -- and most especially, NOT in front of my kids.

Seeing as it's, you know, their home, too.

"Besides, my friends think our house is all comfy-cozy inside."

Aaaaand, well, I just love that, you know?

Happy Love Thursday!

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