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Love = 167.225472 m2

Our house is about 1,800 square feet -- that's the equivalent of some folk's swimming pools, here in Jersey -- and it looks even smaller, from the sidewalk. Understandably, it's hard to imagine 6 people living in such a house. "Wow!!!" It's really funny to watch first-time visitors walk through our front door, stare up at the high ceilings, blink both their eyes, rapidly, as they try to center their gaze on the back wall, some 25 feet or so away and then, you know, physically stumble. "It looks a lot bigger on the inside!" It's an optical illusion, really... Read more →

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F-artsy Baby Pictures I

Oh, go ahead, you know you want to, my kids will end up hating me anyway. Okay, I'll start: "Don't make me have to go all Dr. Evil on your butt!" You're next. Caption me, baby. © 2003 - 2011 This Full House Blog / This Full House Gone Shopping Read more →

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For @WhyMommy: Give Cancer the Virtual Bitchslap it Deserves!

Crickett's Answer for Cancer, a Breast Cancer Nonprofit, is supporting women w/breast cancer by providing wigs, mastectomy products, & pampering services. Learn more via Facebook I bitch about the weather -- more specifically, how some folks STILL haven't shoveled their sidewalks, 2 weeks and 2 snowstorms post Snowmaggedon '10 -- or, how my kids insist on getting sick, 3 days apart, instead of ALL at once, since Christmas Day. Because, I can and better out than in, right? Then, someone I care about, or has impacted my life in some positive way, experiences some serious suckage and, well, DAMMIT! I'm... Read more →

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Our Minivan, By Any Other Name, Would Smell Like Feet

Gave my minivan a snowhawk the other day and now the rest of the cars in the neighborhood, you know, want one! I was cruising The Motherhood the other day and found an interesting article picked from the headlines by Emily (because, she's really smart like that) written by Nick Bunkley of the New York Times entitled, "Mocked as UnCool, The Minivan Rises Again," where he asks the question: Could driving a minivan, the ultimate embodiment of the suburban family vehicle, ever be considered cool? Didn't you hear? According to some car makers (rhymes with Schmoyota) we need a little... Read more →

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Hump Day Diddy Dumbs:
The Sound of Mucinex

The kids tag-teamed being sick over holiday break and, at last count, it was my youngest daughter's turn...shhhh, but don't tell her, okay? Oh, not to worry, we experienced bright and shiny non-crud-filled moments, together, too. Like, during our annual New Year's Eve movie marathon, we watched Fiddler on the Roof and one of our (okay, my) ALL time favorite musicals, ever, The Sound of Music. That's a combined total of 355 minutes (or, 5.916666667 hours) of unadulterated, pure as alpine mountain air, nerdy nirvana and, well, yes, we are THAT family of geeky Broadway buffs blurting out lines from... Read more →

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Curse While You're Thinking
It Saves Time (In Jersey, Anyway!)

Queen Latifah (love her!) gives a really great interview in Parade Magazine, this week: "There's something about growing up in New Jersey that prepares you for whatever you might encounter around the world. We're not afraid to go places." Having lived in Jersey, all my life, I feel it safe to say, "What she said!!!" Contrary to what many other people may think (about people from Jersey) specifically, about moms like me...ahem...we really do know how to use our words and, although we tend to speak with our hands, some of us more than others...ahem...Jersey Girls know how to use... Read more →

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