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Raising a Manchild (Kind Of, Sort Of!)

Mom and Glen

12 years ago, on the 23rd of January, at 2:05 p.m., I gave birth to a son and, although your sisters could not wait to meet their new baby brother, I was terrified at the thought of raising a manchild.

Holly and Glen
You see, like your sisters, I'm a girl (AM SO!)

Glen and Heather
I know how girls think (sort of!) although, I'm not saying that they are any better (or, worse!) it's just that, I don't know, boys are different.

Hope and Glen
Then, just as we started getting used to each other (kind of!) you became a big brother and a real good one, the way...even when you would find your G.I. Joes and Power Rangers, left accidentally on purpose, half-naked in the bath tub, surrounded by bald-headed Barbie dolls. 

Garth NHRN and Glen

Girls are weird, I know (they get that from daddy) still, now that you are 12, going on boyteen, I can't help but wonder...OMG! in the heck did we get here?

Happy Birthday Glen
Where DID the time go...can't we hold onto your childhood, just a little while longer?

Hope's Card Front Hope's Card Back

Then again, according to your baby sister, you ARE a man (how awesome is that card, right?) and she's absolutely're I'll tell you something you don't know.

Glen and Me
Yesterday, at 2:05 p.m., you made a wish and, although I can't promise it will come true  or, that growing up will get any easier (dagnabit!) I will always be your mom, no matter what (yes, REALLY!) aaaaand, you will probably be way taller than me, too...DAGNABIT!

Happy Birthday, I love you, BIG GUY!

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