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The House Next Door

Grace 1

It's sad, really.  A lonely, frozen, barren, wasteland comes to mind.  Gloom crashes in like icy waves, extinguising all of the warmth from my body, culminating in a moment of complete and unavoidable despair.

  Grace 2

The sadness is overwhelming.

  Grace 3

It clouds the eyes and turns my thoughts toward darker days.

Grace 4

This house is old.  The woman living inside is even older.  At 104, she has outlived her children and even some of her grandchildren.  What have her eyes seen?  How many times has her heart been broken continues to beat?

Grace 5-1
It's amazing, really.  A sturdy, unsinkable ship comes to mind; made with strong hands and bound by family ties that, although broken long ago, weathered yet another storm.

Grace 6

Yes, this house is old.  The woman living inside is even older.  It is her home.


Grace lives there and her next door neighbor's name is Hope.

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