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Doofus Domesticus vs Phasma Phasmatis

Exhibit C
Exhibit A:  Came home to find the cat's dish and cereal bowls neatly stacked in the living room.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B:  Where they were when I left the house, this morning.

Exhibit B
Exhibit C:  Doofus-Dawg avoiding eye contact which, clearly, is an indication that he's got something to hide....not to mention, he can reach the sink AND the stove...PINHEAD!!!

Truth be told, the fact that he neatly stacked the bowls, when he was sort of freaking me out...okay, more than just a little...or, maybe we have ghosts.

Either way, I wonder what it will take to get them to fold the laundry?

Since, you know, I can't get my kids to understand that the dish washer is dirty....DAMMIT!

On the other hand, I could just let the dog take care of it, seeing as he doesn't seem to mind licking the floors and vacuuming the crumbs off the carpets, either.

But, THEN what would I complain about?

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