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Then Again, If We HAD Won the HGTV Dream Home, What WOULD I Blog About?

House MagnetSome experts would say our house is eclectic -- you know, where stuff doesn't match, on purpose -- but, I like to call it, "Early American Yard Sale."

Or, what's another word for not so gently used?

Aaaaanyway, I was SO EXCITED about winning the 2011 HGTV Dream Home -- YES, I KNOW!!! -- the one in beautiful Stowe, VT, SO EXCITING, right???

Until, some other guy won it (JERK!) okay, not really.

The winner is a stay-at-home dad, lives somewhere near Chicago, with a growing family and a small house, too.

Aaaaand they used to live in Jersey, so YAY (sort of!) although, I would have been much, MUCH more, you know, visibly excited.

Does no one jump up and down, or do the happy dance, anymore?

Every year.  The same thing.  I've had to curse someone out...for winning, MY HOUSE...but, I'm slowly getting over myself.

Frankly, there are folks out there who would love to be able to live in a house...let alone, own one...broken as ours is.

At the end of the day, my kids call it home and, well, our house has got good bones.

In fact, I wrote a post, 3 years ago, about the 13 things I haven't managed to break...YET!!!

So, I thought it would be sort of fun to revisit them and see if, you know, stuff still works.

Blow Dryer Before and After
Blogged 2008:  My beloved blow dryer  I've had it so long, I don't remember when I bought it, and I believe that blow dryers - sort of like, dogs - begin to take on the characteristics of their human counterparts. 

TODAY:  It's a little dinged and gets overheated, sometimes (you're welcome!) but it still works!!!

GG Table Before and AfterBLOGGED 2008:  G.G.'s table.  My mother-in-law gave us this telephone table.  It belonged to her mother.

TODAY:  Still have the itty-bitty chair, too, but I've since moved the violet to the kitchen (yes, it's STILL alive...see?) because, this one time, during summer camp, I forgot to water it...then, over-watered it...and, well, you can't see the BIG old water stain...can you? 

Dyson Before and After
BLOGGED 2008:  Mr. Dyson's Opus.  What, doesn't everyone name their housekeeping buddies?  Oh, dear Mr. Dyson, how I love this vacuum cleaner.

TODAY:  We set a place for him at the kitchen table.

Christmas Cactus Before and After
BLOGGED 2008:  G.G.'s Christmas Cactus.  Another gift from my mother-in-law (because, she must really, really like me) this is a cutting from her father's Christmas Cactus and is about a bazillion years old.

TODAY:  It FINALLY bloomed one, lonely, little flower (I even blogged a picture of it, just last week) but, the cat ate it...damnit!

Fridge Before and AfterBLOGGED 2008:  The Refrigerator.  Yes, it's still running and the very first appliance purchased for the house, when we moved in 15 years ago.

TODAY:  3 years and 2 refrigerators, later (dang, but some appliances break easy) we had to move the new one to the other side of the kitchen. I imagine we'll need a new house for the next one...sheesh!

Creeping Charlie Before and After

BLOGGED 2008:  Creeping Charlie.  Charlie's not very happy with me, at the moment.  Don't know why, though.  He's got the whole corner, to himself.

TODAY:  You are very sadly missed, Charlie.

China Cabinet Before and After

BLOGGED 2008:  China cabinet filled with pretties from Hungary.  Because, I keep them ALL behind glass and Garth (not his real name) cleans it...'nuf said.

TODAY:  He doesn't clean it, anymore, either and I just tell everyone that it's for philanthropic reasons, as we're currently housing a colony of dust bunnies, rent free.

Sir Fig Newton Before and After
BLOGGED 2008:  Sir Fig Newton.  Some of my best childhood memories are from trips visiting family in Hungary and picking fresh figs from my Uncle's tree.  It was HUGE and had a rope swing hanging from one of its branches.  This one, not so much.  I've always wanted a fig tree and finally bought a young plant, last spring.

TODAY:  I planted it in our backyard, last summer.  Then, it snowed...and snowed...and snowed...and, well, you's been a real tough winter...but, is STILL alive...that's right...because, it's a Jersey fig, bay-bee!

Cookie Jar Before and After
BLOGGED 2008:  The cookie jar.  We received this cookie jar on our wedding day...GULP...nearly 18 years ago.  Yes, it's still in one piece.  Nope, not even a chip.  I'm just as surprised as you are, believe me.  After 4 kids, 2 cats...etc...etc...yep, this little jar has seen a LOT of action!

TODAY:  Going on 21 years now and, well, none of us need to be eating any more danged cookies.  So, I hid it in my pretend pantry...shhhhhh, but don't tell Garth (not his real name) he doesn't need to fact, feel free to grab a cookie, or 20!!!

Sneakers Before and After
BLOGGED 2008:  My sneakers.  I bought these when The Boy started kindergarten and, trust me, they have seen a LOT of mileage.  When doofus dog sees me putting these puppies on, he knows, it means maybe...just maybe...we are FINALLY going out for a walk!

TODAY:  He's just too danged tired to even care what I'm wearing, me either!

Geraniums Before and After

BLOGGED 2008:  These are MY geraniums.  All of these pots are from cuttings off of a plant I received after Thing One was born, 14 years ago.

TODAY:  They've continued to bloom...more and more, every, too.

Doofus Dawg Before and After
Aaaand, lastly...but, certainly not least-ly...the Doofus-Dog.  He's lucky I haven't killed him, yet. 

TODAY:  What, with that face?  Besides, his faith in me is virtually matter how much I may curse him...out loud.

Besides, if I really DID win the HGTV Dream Home, then, my friends, this post would never have happened.

[sound of crickets chirping]

Stupid HGTV!!!

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