Where some kids throw tantrums, mine just buy lottery tickets.

I'm not over the hill -- I'm just
stuck in a sand dune, or something!

Climb Every Sand Dune
This weekend, we were invited to stay with dear friends in Cape May where the kids and I got to hike through, up and over perhaps some of the biggest sand dunes, here, in Jersey!

Cape May Lighthouse
The view from the top was breath-taking and totally worth the burning thighs and near-to-exploding ovaries (stupid midlife!) and, yet, the day was filled with bittersweet moments of regret, too.

Karate Kids
I was sorry that my husband had to work (someone has too, right?) and missed our ode to Ralph Macchio.

Oh gosh

Good thing my 15yo takes awesome photographs (not to mention, gives good glare) and, well, maybe I should just let her keep the frigalicious camera [one beat, two beats] naaaaah, I mean, really, learning how to share stuff is what we do best, here at Casa de Sticky Floors and Crunchy Feet.


This capture of my youngest daughter, however, made me realize just how GROWN these kids insist on, you know, growing.

Me, too.  UGH!  Then again, we hiked 4 miles on this day.  Besides, after 17 years of raising kids and killer dust bunnies, well, life has a way of catching up on a person, everywhere. 

Like a rusted lightbulb
Sort of like this cool light bulb I found; a little grazed on top and all rusty on the bottom (you're welcome!)

Yes, alright, I admit it, I'm old(ish) slightly overdone and perhaps a wee bit passed my freshness date, than your average blogging mom...I mean.

[borrows glare from 15yo]

I am, however, also very happy (AM SO!) especially, since the kids and I seem to be able to enjoy each others company. 

Dare I say, even a little more, now, than when they were babies, maybe, because I'm not so worried about counting heads, or chasing after them, at the beach?

Aaaaand, okay, maybe my baby days ARE over (light bulb, rusted) but, my job, here, is far from done, my friend, and well, I'm just glad I remembered to pack my comfy sneakers.Water (41)
And, maybe a snack...also, a cell phone...so, I can google the nearest bathroom...stupid beach, dumbass bladder!

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