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See Mom Morph Into Barry Williams

In my pursuit to make blogging fun, again...seriously, check out my accent vlog, see if you think I tawk funny, I'm still waiting for Miss Zoot to do hers...ahem...I found out something very, very interesting. [nonchalantly looks to the left, right, then left again] So, I was reading about my friend Christine's (a.k.a. From Dates to Diapers) desire to win the #TypeACeleb Contest and she did this fun match your face to a celebrity thingy and, turns out, Christine looks a whole lot like Julia Roberts, only prettier (Christine, I mean, sorry Julia!) Naturally, I was curious (i.e. desperately seeking... Read more →

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Where some kids throw tantrums, mine just buy lottery tickets.

I have a confession to make. Ready? Here it goes: I love grocery shopping! Weird thing (besides my loving grocery shopping) is I never used to like it and would much rather push an old-fashioned reel lawn mower through a field of sticky balls than have to spend half the day in a supermarket. Now that my kids are older, well, I cannot run out of the house, or get to the grocery store, fast enough and not just because they eat stuff, all gone, without even being asked to, either. "Where you going?" It's nice to have kids old... Read more →

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I'm not over the hill -- I'm just
stuck in a sand dune, or something!

This weekend, we were invited to stay with dear friends in Cape May where the kids and I got to hike through, up and over perhaps some of the biggest sand dunes, here, in Jersey! The view from the top was breath-taking and totally worth the burning thighs and near-to-exploding ovaries (stupid midlife!) and, yet, the day was filled with bittersweet moments of regret, too. I was sorry that my husband had to work (someone has too, right?) and missed our ode to Ralph Macchio. Good thing my 15yo takes awesome photographs (not to mention, gives good glare) and, well,... Read more →

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If you were to ask me to sum up this entire winter, using just one color, I would paint you a less than prettiful picture and describe the feeling as being similar to the consistency of pea soup. Seems like we've had a sick kid in the house, every weekend, since Christmas break and maybe because, you know...we have...had a sick the house...since Christmas break. This week, it was my youngest's turn (she's 9) which, considering she is the youngest (i.e. been there, done that, easily entertained) a case of strep throat doesn't sound like such a big deal,... Read more →

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HALP! I've Fallen & Can't Stop Leaving Stupid Voicemails!

I have trouble leaving voicemails....psssst, this is the part where you know, that I know, that you know, I'm a total dork, but act surprised, anyway....because, I'm always either losing my place, or start rambling in run-on sentences (shuddup!) insuring that the recipient will most likely never call me back and perhaps even unfriend me on Facebook, or worse, totally ignore me on Twitter. [sound of crickets] Social media can make some folks seem, I dunno, downright anti-social, sometimes, right? Aaaaaaanyway, there I was, day 5 of hanging out on the couch with my 9 year-old, holding her hair back... Read more →

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