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Christmas Cactus 2
It was a gift from Garth's (not his real name) mother.  She grew it from a cutting off of her Christmas Cactus, which came from her father's garden and it's about a bazillion years old.

It's been chewed on, pee'd on (stupid cats) and knocked over at least a dozen times (dumb dog) or so.

It never bloomed.  I don't blame it, really.  Still.  Last year, my mother-in-law insisted that I take it outside and that it would be fine.

So, I did.  Kept it out all summer, in hopes that it would bloom, in time for Christmas, or before I knocked it over with the lawn mower.

It FINALLY did....YESTERDAY!!!....after all this lonely flower.

How sad is that?

Christmas Cactus 1
But, if you look real close, passed all the chewed on leaves and the mis-matched water bowl, well, it's a real pretty flower, isn't it?

Christmas Cactus 3
But, if you take two steps back, it's positively ironic how blindingly beautiful it looks.

There's a metaphor in there, somewhere, aaaaand, well, I just love that, you know?

Happy Love Thursday!

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