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Sundays in My City:
Springtime at the Jersey Shore


I love this time of year, here in on the Jersey coast, when my kids and I feel very lucky to have quick access to some of the prettiest beaches, like our favorite at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, NJ.


The parking lot fills up pretty quick in the summer.  Friday, however, was the perfect day to celebrate all the good things that living in a shore town has to offer.


Like, exploring the jetty.


Or, playing chicken with the breakwater.


Getting lost, for hours, hunting for sea glass and mermaid toe nails.


Having the beach, all to ourselves, is a luxury and a perfect time for private contemplation.


Aaaand, much silliness.


Yes, Friday was a good day. In fact, seeing how this weekend is going, I'm still there...lalalalalalalalala!

Happy Sunday!!!

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