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The Writing on the Back Door

The Writing on the Door Upclose You know when stuff you read, or something someone says, makes you think so hard, that your eyes begin to cross with concentration and then you clench your jaw in absolute frustration, until you finally give up and go all:

"Look, you trying to tell me something, or what?"

Me, either.

Quite frankly, I try not to read into stuff...too much...because, well, with 2 teens and 2 tweens in the house (yeah, I know, right?) my head hurts enough, already.

Like most of my mom friends -- especially, those of us raising a bunch of raging hormones, that walk and talk, but refuse to tell you ANYTHING and dang if a person couldn't go blind, rolling their eyes like that -- I have become somewhat of an expert at dodging emotional grenades.

Until, one of my kids drops the h-bomb.

"I hate my life."

It doesn't matter which kid says it, really, because the sad truth of it is, each of them have said it, at least once and did I mention my youngest is 9?

"Don't you dare slam that..."


She's got a wicked arm, that one, which reminds me, I should really look into signing her up for softball.


I mean, she is the youngest and, well, empathizing with a mom friend, whose daughter recently turned hormonal, "Welcome to the dark ages."

I quickly reassured my friend that the black cloud will indeed lift, around the time our kids turn 12.

[knocking on wood until knuckles bleed]

I didn't bother mentioning the fact that they then become teenagers, because, heck, what do I know and the poor woman looked as if she needed a Tylenol, already.


I'm not even sure that their bedroom door is going to hold up (related:  all 3 share 1 bedroom, enough said!) it's been a loooong week, you know?

The Writing on the Back Door Then, I walked into the den/laundry room (mostly, laundry room) and noticed the writing on the back door (Hope likes to make lists) and, well, I fully expected to find myself at the TOP of her s-list:

  • Live your life your way not how someone tells you how to live
  • There is a whole world everybody can see right in front of our faces
  • Our planets can be very interesting things.  Like love is one of the most important things in life.
  • I have a dream that we will have peace in the world.
  • You can have fun one day.  You don't need a special electronic.  Just be creative.
  • When the sun sets and rises it goes up and down almost like life.  Sometimes life can get bumpy like a road.

Okay, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box (more like a dusty gray, really) but, DAYUM, if my kids aren't trying to tell me something?

Or, maybe they're just trying to drive me crazy?

[crosses eyes, clenches jaw]

Yeah, right, anybody got any Tylenol?

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