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My Brother, The Soldier

Proud Sister Moment!

The kids and I attended my twin brother's pinning ceremony and had the great honor of celebrating his recent promotion to Master Sargent, with the troops, on Friday afternoon.

Red, White, Blue and LOTS of Balloons!!!

Although, we were ALL very, very proud of him (Go Army!) my son, who wants to grow up to be just like Uncle Bud, was beyond thrilled to have been invited (thank you, Pam!) and, upon our arrival, was more than a little unnerved to find a room filled with soldiers, standing at attention, waiting for us to take our seats, in the front row.

Me, too!

"Ummmm...don't be nervous...remember they are just like your Uncle Bud!"

Steve's Pinning Ceremony April 2011

You see, although we ALL know how hard my brother has worked, not to mention, all the sacrifices he (and his wife Pam) has made, through the years, to get to this point in his military career (losing a kidney to cancer, along the way) to hear the same acknowledgements and accolades, from his superiors, well, yes, this was a very big deal, indeed.

Speech, Speech!

Then, it was Steve's turn to speak and, even though I couldn't help but giggle at the way he kept rocking the podium, back and forth (just a little) I smiled, in affirmation, as the rest of the room was soon made privy to the light-hearted, funny little boy I grew up with.

"Phew, is it hot in here, or is it just me?!?"

Then, I was taken aback by his eloquence.

Pam, Steve and Freedom Bear

The way he acknowledged my parents as inspirations for ALL of their hard work, raising their children to be proud of their adopted country and for their strong sense of family; recognizing his wife as an equal for her sense of commitment and sacrifice; excelling even his own expectations and promising to work, just as hard, to gain the respect of his men.

Steve's Pinning Ceremony April 2011

As a parent, I understand how difficult it is to NOT worry about your child (no matter how grown they are) I believe this is the very first time we ALL saw Steve for the man he really is.

Go Army!!!

Aaaand, truth be told, I am so, SO HAPPY that my kids got the chance to celebrate my brother, the soldier, as well, you know?

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